4-22 Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, April 23-29, celebrates Laboratory Professionals Teaming Up for Patient Care.
The clinical laboratory professional is a key member of today’s health care team. Laboratory professionals are trained and certified to provide important medical information that is indispensable to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.
Each day, nurses, physicians and other health care workers depend upon laboratory professionals to perform tests on blood and body fluids, interpret the results, and help provide a complete picture of your health. Between 70-80 percent of all medical decisions are based upon accurate and reliable lab tests.
Laboratory professionals are working in hospitals, physician offices or private clinical laboratories. Using modern instruments and complicated analysis, the tests they perform can detect the presence of cancer, identify infectious viruses and bacteria, measure glucose, cholesterol or drug levels in blood. You may not see these trained professionals, but they are there, working behind the scenes, providing answers for your health care.
Please join these dedicated professionals in celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals Week and their vital role in promoting and protecting your health.  
Owen Bain, Medical Technologist


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