4-28 Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
The present discussion about Wheatgrass Village reminds me of when the Carriage House was built in our neighborhood. Most of the concerns centered on the vacant lots directly across the street and the second-story apartments that would overlook the back yards of the homes directly in back of the Carriage House. There were privacy issues for existing homes and concerns about future development.
When all the hoopla ended, residents living in the back planted more trees and the lots did sell and single family homes were built. The Carriage House was a part of our neighborhood and served as a landmark when telling someone where we lived.
I am one of the signers of the petition, because everyone has a right to be heard. I did not, however, sign away my right to ask questions, listen and form my opinion.
We have a developer now who is ready to invest in the future of our community. He has a plan that is viable and exciting for everyone.
I am 87 years old and I refuse to be known as a fuddy-duddy who voted No to progress. I will vote Yes for Huron on May 16.
Deannie LeRoux