5-5 Letter 1

To the Editor:
Listening and Reading
I have been listening to all the arguments, and reading every newspaper account, pro and con, regarding the Southtown zoning issue. The more I hear and read, the easier it is to decide to vote Yes.  
1) The facts regarding TRANPARENCY are clearly, well... transparent.
2) The economic impact for our community is $8.1 million, just for starters.
3) The developer, Eagle Construction, has already completed much appreciated similar projects in Mitchell and Yankton.
4) The middle-income housing shortage in Huron is indisputable, and if this project goes through we only add another 81 units; we will still need more.    
Bottom line, the city and GHDC have been hammered by some citizens for “not doing enough.”  They get a comprehensive, well-conceived plan together, and now they get hammered for that!  Really?  Is your glass half empty or is it half-full?  Do not take this extraordinary Community opportunity for granted.  PLEASE remember to join me and vote Yes For Huron on May 16.
Bush Fullerton