5-5 Letter 2

To the Editor:
There have been a number of persons who have gone the extra mile, doing their homework on the upcoming city election, both pro and con. Thank you.
When I look in the mirror, it appears to be smoke coming from my shirt collar. I don’t see as good, like I once did, but am noticing this when the words ‘city commission’ come up. Might just be me.
I’ve a rather long list of grievances with the city of Huron. Some have been touched upon here in the paper. It appears the city’s attorney did knowingly close down Dakota Pork, without  concern for people. I’ve had a number of people come into the house in the daytime, when nobody was at home and at night. I know some of them; they’re law enforcement and were there to harm me.
Awhile back I was in the hospital with pneumonia and an infection. They took very good care of me in the hospital, but it was not a five-star vacation. I was about half asleep, when someone came into my room and began to slander and insult me. When I recovered, I couldn’t find out who this person was. It had to be connected to law enforcement in some way or the other, as I was threatened with the law.
I can’t even have a girlfriend. Maybe this explains my shirt collar.
But there is more on my list, like the post office not delivering my mail. When I asked for it, I got the idea the City of Huron was mixed up in this mail thing, but couldn’t prove it. If you get the idea that I’m not happy with the City of Huron, you’re right.
Right or wrong, I’m planning on voting and hope you will vote also. Please. Thank you.
Daniel Horn