Absolute Agronomy prepares for new season

HURON — Absolute Agronomy, LLC is an Ag retailer in the Huron area going on two years now and look forward to the upcoming season to get rolling again.
“We sell chemical, seed, and fertilizer, we also do crop consulting and provide a weekly report for
Insect, disease, and weed pressure,” said Owner Justin Wambach. “We are preparing by organizing seed and chemical orders to deliver to farms in preparation for spring. March will be a busy month delivering products to the farm as soon as the weather straightens up.”
The company is located on the north end of Huron and works with farmers to provide prescription maps for seed and fertility.
“These are recommendations for placing the right amount of fertilizer and seed throughout different soil types across the field,” explained Wambach. “There’s a lot in the background of it. It’s nothing brand new but it seems like there is better data that goes into it each year.”
Absolute Agronomy will go to farms near and far to work.
“We will pretty much go anywhere and do it” said Wambach. “We currently have a group of farmers we work with, but we’re always looking for more.”
Absolute Agronomy works with an array of different companies to bring the best products to the farm to maximize return to the farmer. Some of these companies include Producers Hybrids, Midwest Seed Genetics, Mustang Seeds, Northstar Genetics, Stoller USA, Nachurs Alpine Solutions, Helena Chemical Company, Talc USA and a few more.
“We try to bring options to farmers and not just focus on one company,” said Wambach.
Wambach has been part of the Huron community for 10 years, after growing up in the Ipswich area.
“I attended the Ag Business Program at Lake Area Tech in Watertown,” he said. “It’s an amazing school for Agriculture.
“I got my first job here in town, in agriculture,” Wambach said. “That’s what brought me here and here I am today.”
Pressure has been building the last couple of years with commodity prices lowering, but a visible change may be leading to an increase again.
“The commodity prices — corn, soybean, corn and wheat — have gone down the last couple of years so its put pressure on farmers, retailers and the community, being an ag-based community. If farmers aren’t making money they’re not spending money locally as much,” explained Wambach. “So, what we’re looking forward to is higher prices again. They’ve been creeping up here in the last month and a half. Moving in the right direction, that’s for sure.”
For Information on Absolute Agronomy, LLC Contact Justin Wambach at 605-353-5410, or Nelson Miner at 605-350-7577.

Justin Wambach, left, owner of ag retailer, Absolute Agronomy, stands by his partner Nelson Miner.

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