Agsense — A global leader in ‘Remote Farming’

Today’s rapid advances in digital technology have created a revolution in the agriculture industry. This groundbreaking technology, involving apps, smartphones, a laptop or PC, is providing growers with the tools needed to reach unparalleled levels of productivity and efficiency.
It’s called “remote or precision farming” and, surprisingly, Agsense of Huron is the world leader of this futuristic approach to land management.
“Our products provide farmers the ability to control many aspects of their operation. They can monitor and control the irrigation center pivot and pump components, check flow pressure, grain bin temperatures, tank levels, soil moisture, review comprehensive reports, monitor the weather and receive real-time text alerts to equipment failure,” said Terry Schiltz, Agsense President and CEO. ”Imagine, all this information is now available at the customers fingertips from anywhere, at any time.”
The mechanics behind all this began just north of Huron near Hitchcock. In 2003, brothers, Mel and Terry Wieting, driven by their own farm-related demands, decided to take advantage of the “information network” and bring the farm industry into the 21st century. With assistance from the Greater Huron Development Corporation, Agsense soon became a part of the Huron business community.
Now, 15 years later, Agsense has pioneered precision irrigation and remote management solutions for growers locally and in over 44 states and 30 countries. With a staff of 30 employees at their Huron location, everything is custom designed — from the hardware, to the software, to the user interface, it’s all designed by Agsense.
They are equipped with a call center, along with five regional offices, plus live chat on their website geared toward their international clientele. All of their engineers are from South Dakota, have agricultural backgrounds, and most attended South Dakota State University for computer science.
“The level of quality people we have employed, to say the least, is remarkable,” Schiltz said.
 This amazing technology is made possible by the use of specially designed circuit boards and or sensors attached to a three-quarter-inch modem that basically operates as a digital cell phone complete with GPS. The information is sent to the Cloud and can be accessed by the driving force behind the products — apps. In return, these apps are also the mechanism used to send commands. With 450 service dealers now available, installation can be completed within an hour. And despite extreme weather patterns, these products can hold there own for at least five to ten years — or until newer technology requires updating. Typically, the return investment on Agsense products takes less than one year.
 But remote farming isn’t just about saving time, it’s really all about managing a farm operation accurately to produce more quality crops by using fewer resources. This results in less production costs, a lower environmental footprint, and a much needed impact on the world’s ability to feed a growing population.
“Agsense of Huron is a global leader in remote farm management, irrigation monitoring and even more devices” Schiltz stated. “We offer the leading  agricultural technology in the world —  right here in Huron. We are the 900-pound gorilla few know about.”
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