American Legion Auxiliary essay and poem contest

Americanism Essay Contest
How does learning about government and our America help you become a future guardian of liberties of our country?

Ethan Nemmers
It helps us to know about America. For one, math helps us become more like a coder. Math also helps us become more like a businessperson. Science helps us become more like a historian. Social studies also helps us become more like a historian. For some people, religion helps us become more like the Pope. P.E. also helps us become more like a cop. Together all off these make up a state; and many states make up a country, and many countries make up the world.
Even though the world went at war 2 times the world forgets about it or they have a peace meeting to resolve the problems.
I like the right that we can choose our own religion or path. We can choose to be Catholic or non-catholic so people can love God if we want to. Another part that I like about America is if you like sports than you can be an athlete. If you are good at announcing things, than you can be an announcer. You need to know the rules of the game in order to be a referee.
What I’m trying to say is that you can become anything you want, anything you are good at. In America you can study what you want. You can be a good citizen. Anyone can learn about rights if they want to be a future guardian. A few of the famous guardians that U.S.A. have their faces carved into Mount Rushmore. If I study the laws and rights hard, than maybe I will become a guardian.

Kirsten DeGeest
We need to protect our freedom so we will be a free country. Why do we need to learn about our government? Learning about our government can help us be good Americans and follow the laws correctly in every way. America is a good country, but it is kind of going downhill. That means we need to start learning about our government and laws.
All citizens have rights. Having rights and freedom is a privilege. We need to protect that and be respectful of our country for that. Everybody likes our country, so we need to protect it. Our flag is very important and special to us protect our flag is the same as protecting our country. Having freedom does not mean you can go do whatever you want to. You have to follow our rules. Rules come with rights you have to follow the rules in order to have rights. If you commit a really bad crime you will have to go to jail. Our country needs to start following the rules also need to respect out troops and firemen and women, police people, doctors and people who do good for our country, states, cities and towns. We have very hardworking men and women in America. We also want to show them that we are thankful for that because I know they would appreciate that. Protecting America is not just protecting America it’s the people who live in it. Our country is a supper special one so we need to keep it that way. Keep our rights and freedom!

Kenny Beals
Our freedoms and rights, I personally know a lot about things like this because my dad fought for our freedom that we have today. He fought in the Iraq war. Did you know that our freedom here is so free that in some countries like Iraq they cannot talk about God in public. So we are pretty lucky to have a free country!
The government there tells them what religion they have to be. And that we have the freedom to choose our religion, but that whatever religion we are we can talk to what ever religion our friends, or families are. We also have the freedom to shoot guns. And if I did not that the freedom to do so I would go and try to get the federal rights to allow not just me, and my dad, but all people.

Americanism Poetry Contest

Have You Hugged
a Veteran today?

Orieana Williams
One night I was laying in bed,
I couldn’t get up because
I bumped my head.
I pictured me hugging a veteran,
then I fell asleep,
dreaming I was a veteran!
In the morning I woke up. I stood on my bed
and bounced straight up.

Then my mom told me to come downstairs.
So I went downstairs and,
someone was standing at the door.
When I finally started to realize it was a veteran,
but that was just a dream.

Damon Schmidt
I know a veteran that was born
In the 1950’s. He is a deacon now. He is the school
Janitor, too. His favorite food is medium
Rare steak and baked sweet potato.
In the army he checked if the
Food had any bugs in it. I am
Thankful for the veterans because
They protected America.

The veterans gave us freedom and a reason to be alive
I am happy for the veterans because
They risked their lives for America.
That makes me want to hug a veteran.

Lily Halter
Yes I hugged my dad today
I love him more than I can say
He makes our day in every way
I love him more than I can say

I kiss and hug him every day
I love him more than I can say
I walk out and he swoops me away
I love him more than I can say

He laughs in his special way
I love him more than I can say
And at the end of the day all I can say is:
“I love you more than I can say.”


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