Americanism essay winners

COURTESY PHOTOS American Legion Auxiliary members Sandra Mencke, left, and Myra Schmitt, pose with, from left, Americanism Essay winner Tanisha Alicea-Hanson, a third-grader at Madison School, who won first local and placed second in the District contest; and third-graders Claire Davis and Ava Colon Rathjen, who also participated. In the second photo, on the left is Chloe Carr and on the right is Sawyer Hennrich.

HURON — The 2019 winners from the American Legion Auxiliary Americanism essay contest sponsored by Huron William Reaves Unit 7 were recently announced.
For the essay contest, students were asked to write on the theme, “How can we address and prevent veteran homelessness in our community?”
The essay winners were Tanisha Alicea-Hanson, third grade, Madison School; Chloe Carr, fifth grade, Holy Trinity Catholic School; and Sawyer Hennrich, seventh grade, Huron Middle School.
These entries were sent to District 6 for judging, and Tanisha placed second in the District.
Other entries were submitted by Allison Lucklum, Karly Knippling, Ellie Puterbaugh and Kyla Peskey from Holy Trinity Catholic School, and Ava Colon-Tathjen and Claire Davis, both from Madison School.
The three winning essays are as follows:

Homeless Veterans
By Tanisha Alicea-Hanson
3rd grade,
Madison 2-3 Center
It is nice to have a job and home, everyone deserves one, and veterans do because they did a lot. But some are homeless and here are some ways to prevent that.
Just so veterans don’t get to the point where they are homeless, let’s talk. One way to keep veterans from homelessness is to help them find a school where they can learn about jobs. When you are done serving a country, it is hard to do things you’re not used to doing, so we should help a veteran. When you have a job and training, you can buy a house.
One way to prevent veteran homelessness is to help veterans find good jobs and homes. You can donate supplies like food, water, blankets and clothes. You can also donate other things like money, mattresses, pillows and something to hold the supplies. You can try to take them out to eat when they run out of food. You can show them where the best homeless shelters are so they can go there and have shelter. You can at least help them find a safe place to live, not by busy streets or in parks.
If homeless veterans have a better place to live, they can fulfill their needs so they can find better. homes. If these homeless veterans can fulfill their needs, they will be back on their feet. They will have a job, food, water and a house.

How to Help Homeless Veterans
By Chloe Carr
5th grade, Holy Trinity
I want to help homeless veterans because they served our country. One way I want to help the homeless is that you could throw a party for people to raise money for homeless veterans. People will pay for tickets and will get into the party, where there will be a concert and free food and door prizes.
Another idea I had was to make living situations for veterans where veterans can go and live in apartments. And they will have all that they need and more. And when the veterans get back on their feet, they will pay the low prices.
Another idea I had was an online site called Helping Veterans. It would be an online site where you would have people donate money to veterans and get prizes for doing it. Kids can even do fundraisers at their school.
Another way you can help homeless veterans is by having a club that would do community service projects. Helping homeless veterans by finding them and maybe find good family or friends that have a home. And maybe setting up more shelters.
Another way to help homeless veterans is to setup something like a foster care program for veterans. Called Help A Veteran it gives a home to veterans where people will take in any veteran and give them a home. Doing this will get veterans off the street.
I will be honored if one of these ideas helps veterans in need. Let’s keep veterans off the street. Because they make our country the home of the free and the land of the brave.

Homeless Veteran Solutions
By Sawyer Hennrich
7th grade
Huron Middle School
We all thank the people who serve for our country, but do we help them in return? All we do is think about our own problems and not enough of theirs. Many veterans are suffering from being homeless while we just sit around and watch TV. We need to stop their suffering. These are some ways to help our suffering soldiers.
On any given night, more than 68 thousand veterans are without a home. All of us need to work together to provide medications, education, food and houses to all these soldiers struggling. After all these people fought for us, and we treat them like they are worth nothing. All of us need to work together to get these soldiers a home. One way is taking this subject to court.
If this subject gets taken to the court, we can convince the court to help get the funds to supply our world’s troops with what they need to live a good and happy life. We may be able to get these funds from the taxes we all pay. If we are able to do that, we can provide not just houses, but medical care for the wounded fighters that once served us.
With so many veterans without homes just part of taxes will not be enough. We need to set up donation boxes to support our soldiers. With these donation boxes we will be able to help our troops get off the streets and into real homes. These donation boxes will also help reduce the amount of lives lost in the U.S. This is because they will not die of starvation or injuries. This is why they need our help.
Veterans have done so much for us and we make them suffer in return; this is not okay on our behalf. That is why we need to follow these plans and support our veterans. All these people fought for us and we just sit and do nothing. Think of how broken-hearted they feel. Do you think they deserve this? If you don’t, stop this catastrophe and lend a hand to the ones who give you a hand through your country’s toughest times. After all, they saved you when they were wounded. They put you first. It is time to repay them. Now it is your turn to fight for them.


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