Arment earns second feature win in Miller

It was a warm very windy night at the Miller Central Speedway, where a very good crowd saw 76 cars do battle. The night was sponsored by Agtegra Cooperative of Miller. The strong south wind made for a slick track with lots of spins but the wrecker was only used once.

The features kicked off with the Pump N Pak Pure Stock main. Brenden Rassel started 5th, but with all of the slipping and sliding in front of him he led the first laps and led all the way over Jayden Michaelsohn, Chico McNeil, Damon Hoftiezer and Destrie Morris. It was Brenden’s first feature win at the Miller Central Speedway and his first anywhere since 8/25/12 at Wagner.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks rolled out 21 strong with Spence Pollock starting third but leading all the way over Jodie Michaelson, Broc Stout, Zach Pollock and Andy Rossow. It was Pollock’s first feature win in the Street Stocks and his first feature win since June 30, 2006. His brother Zach won a $700-to-win special in Rapid City Friday night to make it a double for the family.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were next on the ever more slippery track. Jordan Kienow led the first four laps before sliding off the top of the track in turn three. On the restart Scott Hansen went from third to first and barely held off Adam Brotherton for the win. It was Hansen’s second win at Miller with the first coming on Aug. 18, 2017. Cory Berquist, Brad Kopecky and Dawson Zabel rounded out the top five.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks made a race out of it with Kipp DeGroot leading the first lap, before sliding wide, with Jeremy North taking over. North led four laps before Trevor Nelson went by and won his 11th career feature win over North, Taylor Schmidt, DeGroot and Dale Tomes.

The $2000 to win WISSOTA Late Model feature started with Chad Becker beating Kent Arment from outside pole to lead the first lap. Then Curt Kranz and Jordan Tollakson tangled in turn two, with Tollakson going off on the hook. Arment got the jump on the restart and lead the rest of the way with Becker snapping at his heels all the way. Tyler McDonald, David McDonald and David Carlson rounded out the top five. It was Arment’s eighth Late Model feature win at Miller.

This week will be the Independence Day races, with extra money on the line for the WISSOTA Modifieds. There will be fireworks after the races. Starting time is 7 p.m.

June 27 results

WISSOTA Late Model
Main: 1. Kent Arment, Aberdeen 2. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 3. Tyler McDonald, Huron 4. David McDonald, Huron 5. David Carlson, Huron 6. Trevor Anderson, Watertown 7. Kelly Duffy, Winner 8. Curt Kranz, Watertown 9. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 10. Curt Gelling, Aberdeen 11. Lyndon Bolt, Rapid City DNF: Rich Thomas, Aberdeen; Jordan Tollakson, Montevideo, Minnesota; Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen
Heat 1: Becker, Arment, Duffy, T. McDonald, Carlson, Kranz, Skorczewski
Heat 2: D. McDonald, Anderson, Gelling, Tollakson, Arthur, Bolt, Thomas

WISSOTA Super Stock
Main: 1. Trevor Nelson, Warner 2. Jeremy North, Huron 3. Taylor Schmidt, Bath 4. Kipp DeGroot, Platte 5. Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids 6. Kelly Duffy, Winner 7. Cody Martin, Mitchell 8. Austin Arbogast, Huron 9. Casey Hanson, Badger 10. Caleb Yost, Miller 11. Matt Johnson, Aberdeen 12. Doug Van Liere, Madison DNF: Brandon Tingle, Mount Vernon
Heat 1: Schmidt, North, Van Liere, Arbogast, Johnson, Martin, Yost
Heat 2: Nelson, Duffy, Tomes, DeGroot, Tingle, Hanson

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Main: 1. Scott Hansen, Garden City 2. Adam Brotherton, Huron 3. Cory Berquist, Huron 4. Brad Kopecky, Miller 5. Dawson Zabel, Selby 6. Zach LaQua, Watertown 7. Michael Rohwedder, Aberdeen 8. Robert Harder, Huron 9. James Reimer, Wessington Springs 10. Blake Meyer, Huron 11. Brandon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 12. Dakota Tirrel, Watertown 13. Britt Williams, Fort Pierre 14. Jordan Kienow, Miller 15. Chad Kopfmann, Alpena 16. Jeff Rawstern, Blunt DNF: Jaymie Peterson, Highmore; Tanner Grohs, Wessington Springs
Heat 1: Zabel, Berquist, Kienow, Harder, Rohwedder, Tirrel, Williams, Kopfmann, Grohs
Heat 2: Brotherton, Hansen, Reimer, Peterson, Kopecky, Meyer, LaQua, Rawstern

WISSOTA Street Stock
Main: 1. Spence Pollock, Orient 2. Jodie Michaelsohn, Aberdeen 3. Broc Stout, Winner 4. Zach Pollock, Miller 5. Andy Rossow, Florence 6. Preston Blackwell, Wessington 7. James Hoing, Kimball 8. Clifford Houser, Kimball 9. James Reimer, Wessington Springs 10. Jayden Bogh, Huron 11. Nicholas Green, Watertown 12. Travor Oxandaburu, Huron 13. John Cable, Geddes 14. Brandon Hammill, Miller 15. Jaida Sanderson, Aberdeen 16. Jordan Rawstern, Blunt 17. Nathan Davis, Spearfish 18. Curt Grace, Miller 19. Justin Brandsrud, Henry 20. Kenny Clements, Madison DNF: Chris Serr, Aberdeen
Heat 1: Z. Pollock, S. Pollock, Michaelsohn, Hoing, Cable, Bogh, Sanderson
Heat 2: Rossow, Blackwell, Serr, Hammill, Grace, Reimer
Heat 3: Clements, Stout, Green, Houser, Oxandaburu, Davis, Rawstern, Brandsrud
Pump N Pak Pure Stock
Main: 1. Brenden Rassel, Woonsocket 2. Jayden Michaelson, Aberdeen 3. Chico McNeil, Rapid City 4. Damon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 5. Destrie Morris, Miller 6. Cody Songer, Wolsey 7. Roger Kenaston, Miller 8. Bruce Scott, Pierre DNF: Aaron Holan, Kimball; Wyatt Brooker, Tulare
Heat 1: McNeil, Rassel, Hoftiezer, Kenaston, Morris
Heat 2: Michaelson, Brooker, Songer, Holan, Scott


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