Award-winning teacher has Huron roots

HARRISBURG — Harrisburg South Middle School teacher, Carla Diede, received a Milken Educator Award of $25,000, for her inventive teaching styles.
Carla (Roth) Diede grew up  in Huron and attended school in the Huron School District.
Diede was recognized for her ‘flipped classroom’ concept in her math classes, which allows her students to view their daily lessons online. Sixth and seventh grade students are utilizing this concept in order to view lessons before class, which gives time for learning through hands-on activities during class time.
As a personalized learning coach, Diede also works with students, plus their teachers and parents, to assess what individual needs the student has. After assessment, Diede creates customized learning plans for students, allowing learning progress to be tracked and bringing students to a higher success rate towards graduation.
Don Kirkegaar, South Dakota Secretary of Education and Greg Gallagher, Milken Family Foundation Senior Program Administrator, presented Diede with the award at a school assembly held on Thursday morning.
“Carla Diede, like all Milken Educators, understands that the path to higher learning is an intensely personal one, and that students must find their way to the truth individually,” said Gallagher. “Making math attainable to all, each in their own way, is how she excels—by helping her students learn in idiosyncratic and idiomatic ways. Central to her teaching genius is helping students not only to learn new things, but also to learn them in new ways.”
“The Harrisburg School District has been a leader in the personalized learning approach, and it takes great teachers like Carla Diede to make that happen,” said Kirkegaard. “Carla epitomizes what it means to personalize instruction for, and make strong connections with, students.”
“Carla just does whatever it takes,” said Harrisburg South Middle School Principal Darren Ellwein. “I’ve worked with her for a number of years, and she has always gone above and beyond for students. She’s passionate about her subject matter and finding the most effective ways to use technology to enhance instruction. She is integral in our personalized learning track for our school and district. She leads professional development and supports all our teachers. I’m thrilled to see her recognized with this award.”

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