Baking bread together

COURTESY PHOTOS Kristel Askew, left, and Tessie Fairchild add ingredients to the bread dough.

Iroquois Preschool students listened to “The Little Red Hen” story in class and wanted to “help bake the bread,” unlike the characters of the story. Besides baking bread, they also made chef hats to wear as they cooked. The scent of fresh baked bread filled the school room and hallway. It was delicious, they all want to do the activity again.

Kyzen Brown eats the fresh baked bread.

Below: Bread bakers are , back row, from left, Hank Granger, Saylor Hanzlik, Nicholas Paye, Joshua Dorris and Kristel Askew; middle row, Dane Frankfurth, Alejandra Siu Hansen, Waylon Granger and Royce Bornitz; and in front, Tessie Fairchild, Kyzen Brown, Kenneth Dame and Alyxx Barth.