Barranco touts S.D. Republican women's accomplishments

HURON — Catherine Barranco, President of the South Dakota Federation of Republican Women (SDFRW), was the guest speaker Thursday at the Beadle County Republican Women’s monthly luncheon at Hangar Restaurant.

Barranco praised the Beadle County chapter members for their efforts to recruit new members and their participation in statewide events

She praised South Dakota’s makeup for “what the Founding Fathers envisioned” when creating the country, with farmers and ranchers making up the majority of landholders and politicians that would “pray alongside their constituents every Sabbath.”

Barranco stated the work that SDFRW does has been recognized by the national body, especially in recruitment as the SDFRW has recently surpassed 500 members for the first time in more than a decade while other statewide bodies across the country are struggling to hold membership, let alone grow.

She relayed that the positive press for SDFRW on a national level has given the state a significant voice among the national women’s board, with many ideas initiated in the state being copied and executed by other states across the country.

Barranco also discussed the upcoming debate that will be sponsored by SDFRW, regarding land owner’s rights, property rights, and CO2 pipelines. It is set for Tuesday, Aug. 22 at Dacotah Bank Event Center in Brookings at 7 p.m.

Rep. Jon Hansen (R, Dell Rapids), an outspoken opponent of carbon pipelines, will debate with Elizabeth Burns-Thompson, Navigator’s vice president of government and public affairs. Barranco believes that this is the only currently-scheduled debate that will have both sides of the issue represented.

Barranco also thanked BCRW for their leadership on the Republican building at the State Fair each year.

“Thank you all for all of your hard work,” Barranco exclaimed.