Beadle adds 30 new positives, active cases at 606

HURON — The state surpassed 300 deaths in the month in Friday’s COVID-19 numbers from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH), with five of the new deaths attributed to the Heartland Region.

The state added 1,328 new positive cases, 769 recovered cases, and 36 new deaths. The additional deaths brings the state’s total in the month of November to 316. The state had 425 total deaths entering the month due to COVID-19.

Active cases in the state rose to 18,407, or 2.08% of the state’s population active with the virus.

Beadle County added 30 new positive cases in Friday’s DOH numbers along with one new death. The new death brings the county’s total to 25.

Beadle’s active cases rose to 606, which equates to 3.28% of the county’s residents. That presently ranks Beadle with the sixth-highest active percentage in the state, and the only county of more than 10,000 residents ahead of Beadle is Davison County, at 4.39%.

The Heartland Region added 73 new positive cases of the virus in Friday’s DOH numbers along with five new deaths across the seven counties. That brings the region’s total deaths to 60.

The seven-county region has 1,179 persons active with the virus and 17 people currently hospitalized.


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