Beadle adds 9 new positives

DOH discusses role in State Fair testing

PIERRE — Wednesday and Thursday brought a total of 9 new positive cases to Beadle County, bumping the county’s total over 650 to 656 after Thursday’s numbers.

With two new recovered cases announced on Thursday, Beadle now has 25 active cases, the highest the county has been in a week.

Statewide, a recent run of large new recovered cases continued, with 237 reported on Thursday after a new single-day high of 413 on Wednesday. The state had never had a day of more than 140 new recovered cases in one day before August 29, but in less than two weeks, that number has now been topped 11 times, including the last seven days in a row eclipsing 200.

The added recovered cases has reduced the active cases from a high of 3,057 on Sept. 5 to 2,436 after Wednesday’s numbers. The state announced 263 new positive cases on Thursday, causing the active case load in the state to rise to 2,458.

Across the Heartland region, Jerauld County and Spink County each added one new positive case on Thursday.

Overall, the region has 69 active cases.

In the DOH media call, Secretary Kim Malsam-Rysdon answered a question about what the DOH’s role in upcoming testing for State Fair workers would be.

“We will be providing testing supplies for the mass testing,” Secretary Malsam-Rysdon stated. “Also, a big shout out to Dr. Joe Carr for his work to set up the testing and collect the specimens.”

She expressed that once Dr. Carr has collected the tests, they will be transported by state courier to the state lab to be tested on Friday afternoon. The results will come out over the weekend.


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