Beadle adds four new; active drops to 68

HURON – With numbers askew after the holiday weekend, reported positive numbers from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) did not match with the total positive cases reported.

The state reported 127 new positive cases in the numbers reported by the DOH on Tuesday, however, the overall positive case total in the state went up by 242 in the state, which includes 116 cases not reported through regular channels on Monday.

The state also added 661 new recovered cases and 11 new deaths over the two days, resulting in the active virus cases in the state dropping to 4,232.

DOH reported three new positive cases in Beadle County, though the overall positive case total went up by four over the two-day period. New recovered cases went up by 16, which led to the active cases in the county going down to 68.


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