Beadle adds seven positive tests over the weekend

HURON — Beadle County added seven positive tests between Saturday and Sunday’s numbers released by the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH). Thirteen recovered cases were released in the DOH numbers, leaving the county with 80 active cases.

The Heartland region saw one new positive test and one hospitalization in Clark County. Overall, the region has registered 611 positive tests and has 96 active cases.

Beadle County submitted just 133 tests this week, which is the lowest amount of tests submitted since the week ending May 17, which was the first weekend of the current positive test surge in county. The positive rate for this week was 21% (28 positive tests), and that marked the second week the positive test rate has climbed after declining significantly the week of June 14, which was also the highest rate of testing in the county, with 518 tests completed.

Since the first positive tests of the surge on May 16, Beadle County has now recorded 500 positive tests through Sunday’s numbers. In the 44 days of the surge, 1,669 tests have been completed, giving the county a positive test rate of 43% during the surge. The county has also noted 15 hospitalizations and four deaths during the surge.

DOH holds a press briefing today at 11:45 a.m. to address new numbers and release updated numbers for Link Snacks, Inc. (LSI) and Dakota Provisions. The briefing is available for public listenining online at or via the app on Android or IOS.


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