Beadle adds six positive COVID-19 cases over weekend

HURON — The active case number of COVID-19 cases in Beadle County rose for four days before finally falling on Sunday, though it’s still not down to the level it was when the run began.
With four positive cases on Saturday and two reported on Sunday, Beadle added six total positive cases to the tally over the weekend, giving the county 582 total positives. One recovered case was reported Saturday and five were reported Sunday, which left the active case load in the county at 41.
The week saw Beadle County test 122 individuals, which was buoyed significantly by half of the week’s total reported on Saturday with 61 tests reported in that single day. Of the 122 people tested, 11 tested positive, which is a 9% positive rate, the only time since the recent surge began in May that a week’s testing has produced a positive test rate under double digits.
The overall positive test rate in the county is down to 24.56% from a high of 38.2% on June 3. Beadle still remains the highest positive test rate in the state by a significant margin.
The state had a very busy weekend of testing overall, with more than 3,400 tests reported between Saturday and Sunday. There were 195 new positive cases reported, which did raise the active case load significantly to 908, the highest active case load in the state since July 6.
Within the Heartland region, Sanborn County recorded its first positive case in 44 days in Sunday’s reporting, the 13th overall case in the county.


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