Beadle again adds to active cases

HURON — Beadle County continued a week-long trend, adding another active case in Tuesday’s numbers from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH).

The state added 182 new positive cases and 125 new recovered cases, which brought the state’s active virus cases up to 1,975.

Beadle set another new high for 2021, with 92 active cases. The county added seven new positive cases and six new recovered cases.

The county’s current active numbers are as high as they’ve been since Dec. 24, when the county was at 96 active cases.

The Heartland Region has noted an increase in severity of cases recently as well. While active cases in the region have remained in the 140-150 range (148 in Tuesday’s DOH numbers), active hospitalizations in the region have gone from zero or one in the seven-county region to a total of four now spread across three counties - two in Beadle, one in Hand, and one in Kingsbury.


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