Beadle County COVID testing site to re-open Sept 20

HURON — The Beadle County Covid Task Force Operations Section will re-open its COVID testing site on Monday Sept. 20. The testing site will be open from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. The site will be open on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  There will no prescheduling required and there will be no pre-travel or pre-surgery testing allowed.

The site is in the same test site building, located on Union Avenue. Union Avenue is located off old Highway 14 in west Huron.

This is a free test and is only for people with symptomatic issues related to COVID. This test is the BinaxNOW test and results will be shared with test subjects before they leave the site. The test will take 15 to 20 minutes to administer and get results.

This is a drive thru test and you will be given paperwork to be filled out at the door.

Any questions please call Carr Chiropractic Clinic at 352-5264.

The testing site is in coordination with the Beadle County COVID-19 Task Force, who met Friday and released an updated position regarding COVID-19 infections. These recommendations are in addition to the school’s pandemic contingency plan.

The test center mentioned above will be utilized to test symptomatic students and those results will reported directly to the Huron School District.

Based on the current infection rates within the school, the school will determine guidelines for masking, beginning Monday, October 4.

An infection rate of 1%, which is 33 students and/or staff, in the Huron School District will place the district in yellow with full masking requirements.

An infection rate of 0.33% (11 students and/or staff) will put the district in orange, which would indicate masking requirements between classes and on any in-school transportation from one building to another.

The district registering an infection rate of 0.32% or less (10 students and/or staff or less) will put the district in green with no masking restrictions.

An exposure letter for a classroom in grades kindergarten through 5th grade will require the classroom to wear masks for ten days regardless of the color status of the district.

Bussing will still require masks to and from school and shields will remain in classrooms.

As of Sept 17, there were 17 active cases reported within the school district.



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