Beadle County Unified Task Force hosts news conference

HURON — The Beadle County Unified Task Force has been meeting for nearly a month now to prepare for COVID-19 response in the county and city of Huron as well. Friday, the group intended to introduce themselves to the public and discuss the work done by the group to this point.
Members present on the live video stream were Huron mayor Paul Aylward, Beadle County commission chair Denis Drake, Beadle County sheriff Doug Solem, Huron fire chief Ron Hines, and Beadle County emergency management director Taylor Jans. Huron Police Captain Mark Johnson read many of the online questions for the feed.
While utilizing streaming technology had a number of bumps in conveying questions to the panel and allowing the press conference to be heard correctly, news broken Thursday evening changed the focus of this conference significantly.
Many viewing the conference via Facebook Live were hoping for information on the announced new positive cases, released by Governor Noem on Thursday.
The panel could only release the information that they had, which was still very limited, and that frustrated many viewers of the live stream who questioned the efficacy of the press conference altogether.
The task force will continue to work with state and federal guidelines to build potential additional testing sites in the county as announced during the press conference. The city and county will meet in their commissions to determine further closures or public restrictions that may be needed.


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