Beadle County vaccination rates hit new weekly low

HURON — With deaths and hospitalizations on the rise in the state, vaccination rates remained low at a state level and dropped by nearly a third in just one week in Beadle County.

The state added 352 new positive cases, one new death, and 477 new recovered cases in Friday’s report from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH). Active cases in the state were reported to be 6,589.

Beadle County added one new positive case and five new recovered cases in Friday’s report. That brought the county’s active caseload down to 59.

The Heartland Region tallied five new positive cases and 14 new recovered cases among the seven counties in the region. The Heartland noted 148 active cases in Friday’s DOH report.

The state noted its third week of low vaccination numbers with 3,279 first-time vaccine recipients in the past week, bringing the total in the state that have received at least one dose to 393,514 residents that have received 790,766 doses.

Of those who have received the vaccine, 393,514 are now fully vaccinated in the state.

The percentages creep slowly forward in the state as more than 75% of the population fully vaccinated has been mentioned as the bare minimum for any sort of “herd immunity” to begin taking effect. South Dakota has now seen 64.7% of the state’s eligible recipients get at least one dose, while 59.1% of those are fully vaccinated.

To reach that 75% threshold requires all who are not vaccine-eligible, however, and statewide, that number is still 44.4% of the overall population that is fully vaccinated.

After bucking the statewide low-vaccination trend for multiple weeks, Beadle County fell in line this past week, with just 43 first-time vaccine recipients after 121 the previous week.

Overall, the county has noted 16,625 doses of vaccine delivered to 8,945 Beadle residents, 8,382 of whom are now fully vaccinated.

By percentage, 59.6% of the county’s eligible population has received at least one dose and 55.9% of those who are eligible are fully vaccinated. However, just 43.8% of the overall Beadle population is currently vaccinated, more than 30% shy of the 75% minimum for herd immunity.



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