Beadle drops to 24 active cases in first COVID numbers of May

HURON — With the state now eliminating reports over the weekend, Monday reports from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) will contain reporting from those testing units open on Saturday and Sunday. The first time the Monday DOH report included the entire weekend report happened to be the first two days of May.

The state reported 86 new positive cases, three new deaths, and 194 new recovered cases. With other adjustments to numbers, the active cases in the state dropped to 1,512, the lowest since Aug. 21 in the state.

Beadle County hit an active case number that was tough to break below in the fall, as the county added three new positive cases in Monday’s DOH numbers and three recovered cases. With adjustments to the county’s positive case total, the active cases declined by one to 24.

The county was last at 24 active cases on Sept. 11, but 24 active cases was a number that the county only dipped below for one three-day period in September, then continued hitting that number before going up again multiple times in the fall before cases took off in October.

The Heartland Region recorded six new positive cases and 11 new recovered cases over the weekend. With adjustments to the positive cases for the region, active cases dropped to 52 in the Heartland.



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