Beadle has most new cases in a week since March

HURON — The state has seen active cases leap forward over November, and the last week has seen the increase in infections also hit Beadle County and the Heartland Region.

The state added 418 new positive cases, two new deaths, and 368 new recovered cases in Friday’s report from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH). That pushed the active cases in the state up to 6,820, an increase of nearly 1,400 from the first of the month.

Beadle County added 15 new positive cases and 10 new recovered cases Friday. Active cases in the county moved up to 98.

The 15 new cases in Friday’s DOH report pushed the week total for Beadle up to 52, the highest amount in a week for the county since the first week of March, and the second-highest total of the year for a single week.

The Heartland Region added 25 new positive cases in Friday’s report along with 15 new recovered cases across the seven counties in the region. Active cases in the region bumped up to 196.

The ability for children aged 5-11 to get vaccinated has added to the number of people statewide who have now received one dose, though that has skewed the current reported percentage rates that are based on those who are eligible, as those are currently based on the population in the state that is aged 12+.

The state added nearly 30,000 doses over the past week, reporting 965,253 total doses administered in the state to 467,839 residents. Of those, 423,542 are now considered fully vaccinated.

The percentages based on those who are vaccine-eligible jumped notably state-wide, with 70.2% of the state-eligible reported receiving at least one dose and 59% of those eligible now fully vaccinated.

When compared to the overall population of the state, the fully vaccinated rate increased by just 0.3% over last week, up to 45.7% of the state’s entire population considered fully vaccinated.

Beadle County continued with a very low vaccination rate, reporting 19,591 total doses administered to 9,377 county residents, 8,752 of whom are fully vaccinated.

By percentage, the county has noted 62.5% of vaccine-eligible residents receiving at least one dose, 58.3% of vaccine-eligible residents considered fully vaccinated, and 45.7% of the entire Beadle population now fully vaccinated.


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