Big field on hand at Miller Speedway

Photos courtesy 4-Corners Photography Above: Scott Hansen of Garden City (31) takes the outside line against Cory Bergquist of Huron in a Midwest Modified heat race.

MILLER — It was a cool, breezy night at the Miller Central Speedway, before a good crowd on July 8.

It was a $1,000 to win the Midwest Modified feature, with the evening sponsored by Integra and Wilbur-Ellis. There were 73 cars in the pits. Agtegra sponsored the bicycle drawing. The track was extra tacky and quick, with a lot of passing, a few incidents, but no injuries.

The Pump-N-Pak Pure Stocks rolled out first, with rookie Wyatt Schweigert leading the first four laps before Jayden Michaelsohn blew past and won over Schweigert, Cody Songer, Gavin Walsh and Andy Brooker. It was Michaelsohn’s 26th feature win at the Miller Central Speedway.

On the first attempt at starting the WISSOTA Street Stock feature, point leader Jodie Michaelsohn spun and had to restart in the rear. On the restart fourth-place starting Maria Broksieck blew right between the front rows cars and took command. On lap four Kyle Bertram spun in turns 3 and 4, collecting Jodie Michaelsohn and Clifford Houser. Houser went off on the hook, but the others restarted, as Bertram was sent to the rear. Broksieck led until Ferlin Sheridan and Curtis Johnson tangled coming out of turn four, taking both cars out. Broksieck led the rest of the way over Broc Stout, Andy Rossow, Michaelsohn and Grady Myers, who was making his first start in 10 years. It was Broksieck’s seventh win at the speedway.

Huron Pump-N-Pack Pure Stock driver Wyatt Schweigert (03) seeks to hold off Aberdeen’s Jayden Michaelsohn late in the feature race, which was won by Michaelsohn.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds rolled out 18 strong for the $1,000 first prize. There was a hard wreck in turns 3 and 4 before a lap could be completed in the main, as pole-sitter Lyndon Johnson had a flat tire and spun. Matt Heinzerling spun to miss him and collected Adam Brotherton, who hit him hard. Heinzerling went off on the hook, while Brotherton restarted with damage. Lyndon Johnson called it a night as well, while on the restart, Tracy Johnson ran into the back of Brotherton in turn four. The wrecker was needed to lift Brotherton’s car off of Johnson’s nose. Brotherton then called it a night while Johnson continued.

When racing resumed Jake Wranek led the first three laps before Dawson Zabel took the point. Two laps later, North Dakota invader Brennan Weight took over and led until a late yellow set up a restart with three laps to go. Nobody had anything for Weight and he won his first feature at Miller over Zabel, Wranek, Tracy Johnson and Mike Nichols.

The WISSOTA Super Stock were up next, with Jeremy North leading the first three laps before Trevor Nelson took over. On lap 10, Bryson North spun in turn one, right in front of Derek Zastrow and was hit hard. Both cars went off on the hook, before Nelson led the rest of the way over Brad Kopecky, Stewart Schipke, Austin Arbogast and Damon Hoftiezer. It was his 31st feature win at the Miller Central Speedway.

The WISSOTA Modifieds had the best turnout of the year, with Dylan Zabel leading a lap before Mike Stearns took the front. On lap two Tyler Anglin and Tyler Grefroh tangled in turn one with Grefroh’s car having to be lifted off of Anglin’s. They took Grefroh right to the pits but Anglin restarted. Stearns led another seven laps before a yellow to check Jesse Young’s car. Zabel had climbed over Young’s right rear tire with both cars suffering body damage, but both were able to continue.

On the restart Stearns had a problem exiting turn two with Zabel getting on his outside. They bumped coming off of turn four but Zabel held onto the lead and led the rest of the way over Stearns, Kelly Duffy, Anglin and Young. It was his first feature win at Miller.

The WISSOTA Late Models were the grand finale of the night, with Mike Rohwedder leading the first three laps before Chad Becker took over. After one lap Rohwedder took the lead back and led five more laps, until Chase Gelling caught him. Gelling led two laps before Josh Skorczewski ran him down and pulled away for the win over Gelling, Justin Karlen, Brandon Sprinkel & Robert Bitz. It was Skorczewski’s 18th feature win at the Miller Central Speedway.

This weekend there will be no racing as Miller is taking the night off for the Dacotah Rumble, a two-night event at Aberdeen. The next race will be July 22. It will be a regular race with all six divisions on hand. Starting time is 7 p.m.

Trevor Nelson (71) of Warner, holds off  Brad Kopecky of Miller in a WISSOTA Super Stock heat race.

Miller Central Speedway
July 8 Results

WISSOTA Late Model main: 1. Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen 2. Chase Gelling, Aberdeen 3. Justin Karlen, Howard 4. Brandon Sprinkel, Pierre 5. Robert Bitz, Aberdeen DNF: Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence; Mike Rohwedder, Aberdeen; Rich Thomas, Aberdeen; Chad Becker, Aberdeen DNS: Virgil Randall, Interior; Roger Bitz, Aberdeen; David Carlson, Huron; Trajan Schmidt, Watertown
Heat 1: Becker, Arthur, Gelling, Karlen, Rog. Bitz, Carlson
Heat 2: Skorczewski, Rohwedder, Thomas, Rob. Bitz, Sprinkel, Schmidt, Randall

WISSOTA Modified main: 1. Dylan Zabel, Selby 2. Mike Stearns, Aberdeen 3. Kelly Duffy, Winner 4. Tyler Anglin, Aberdeen 5. Jesse Young, Warner 6. Garrett Gross, Aberdeen 7. James Hanley, Cresbard DNF: Tyler Grefroh, Amherst
Heat: Stearns, Duffy, Young, Zabel, Anglin, Gross, Hanley, Grefroh

WISSOTA Super Stock main: 1. Trevor Nelson, Warner 2. Brad Kopecky, Miller 3. Stewart Schipke, Aberdeen 4. Austin Arbogast, Huron 5. Damon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre DNF: Andrew Zastrow, Gann Valley; Bryson North, Huron; Derek Zastrow, Gann Valley; Jeremy North, Huron
Heat: J. North, Nelson, Kopecky, Arbogast, Hoftiezer, B. North, A. Zastrow, D. Zastrow, Schipke

WISSOTA Midwest Modified main: 1. Brennan Weight, LaMoure, North Dakota 2. Dawson Zabel, Selby 3. Jake Wranek, Sioux Falls 4. Tracy Johnson, Lake Preston 5. Mike Nichols, Watertown 6. Britt Williams, Fort Pierre 7. Scott Hansen, Garden City 8. James Reiners, Wessington Springs 9. Brandon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 10. Tyler Bitz, Aberdeen DNF: Jaymie Peterson, Highmore; Trevor Ryan, Highmore; Jeff Rawstern, Blunt; Cory Berquist, Huron; Nathan Jager, Groton; Adam Brotherton, Huron; Lyndon Johnson, Montrose; Matt Heinzerling, Spearfish
Heat 1: Reiners, Peterson, L. Johnson, T. Johnson, Ryan, Rawstern
Heat 2: Weight, Nichols, Wranek, Berquist, Hansen, Hoftiezer
Heat 3: Heinzerling, Brotherton, Zabel, Williams, Jager, Bitz

WISSOTA Street Stock main: 1. Maria Broksieck, Goodwin 2. Broc Stout, Winner 3. Andy Rossow, Florence 4. Jodie Michaelsohn, Aberdeen 5. Grady Myers, Winner 6. Brandon Hammil, Miller 7. Wyatt Brooker, Tulare 8. Brian Hoing, Kimball 9. Kyle Bertram, Dallas 10. Kenny Clements, Madison 11. Travis Oxandaburu, Huron 12. Wesley Wulff, Gann Valley DNF: Jase Baloun, Highmore; Curtis Johnson, Miller; Ferlin Sheridan Aberdeen; Clifford Houser, Kimball
Heat 1: Broksieck, Bertram, Clements, Baloun, Sheridan, Houser, Hoing, Oxandaburu
Heat 2: Michaelsohn, Rossow, Stout, Hammill, Johnson, Myers, Brooker, Wulff

Pump N Pak Pure Stock main: 1. Jayden Michaelsohn, Aberdeen 2. Wyatt Schweigert, Huron 3. Cody Songer, Wolsey 4. Gavin Walsh, Kimball 5. Andy Brooker, Tulare 6. Mackenzie Kopecky, Miller 7. Mitch Scott, Fort Pierre 8. Alexis Johnson, Miller DNF: Madison Kopecky, Miller
Heat: Songer, Walsh, Michaelsohn, Mackenzie Kopecky, Schweigert, Brooker, Scott, Johnson, Madison Kopecky