Binger letter 6-26-21

To the Editor:

I don’t love public speaking and I certainly don’t like writing articles for the paper, especially when it involves a pending lawsuit. However, I do love my faith, family and friends, and community, and as the current President of Dakota Energy Board of Directors, I think it’s important to share where I stand and push back against any people trying to scare you by telling half the facts.

You’ve probably heard radio commercials and seen newspaper ads from East River and their friends. I understand and agree with their concern – we can’t risk not having our lights turn on when we need them.

However, it is silly to think we would do something that would put our families at risk. What frustrates me most are the scare tactics and misleading information that they’re sharing are in the best interest of their old boss and his big salary.

The Board has NOT made any final decisions on whether or not we withdraw from East River. We can’t make any final decisions because East River is scared and won’t give us a buyout number.  The number one cooperative principle is “Voluntary and Open Membership” and East River’s refusal to provide us a fair and equitable exit number runs contrary to that commitment. We know there are more affordable energy providers. We know there are more reliable energy providers. We know our neighbors will continue to provide help during times of need and we will do the same.

We’re not the first cooperative to explore our options and we certainly will not be the last as the trend is growing every day. The energy landscape is changing, and our board will continue to do what’s best for our member-owners today and for generations to come.

Chase Binger
President Dakota Energy Cooperative
Board of Directors



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