Carlson earns feature win at MCS

PHOTO COURTESY OF ALLEN BECKER/CORNER 4 PHOTOGRAPHY David McDonald of Huron leads Alex Guthmiller of Huron during their WISSOTA modified heat race on Friday at Miller Central Speedway.

It was a wild first night of Championship weekend with 68 cars in the pits before a very good crowd on a damp night. Nelson HB Seed sponsored the evening with Iverson Ford-Chrysler sponsoring the candy toss.
The Pump N Pak Pure Stocks lead off the night with Mike Hammill leading the first six laps before Jordan Rawstern ran him down and won his 17th feature over Hammill, Trevor Ryan,  Curtis Johnson and Destrie Morris.
The WISSOTA Street Stock feature started 16 cars, with Chris Serr leading the first lap before a caution flag brought the field to his bumper. Eighth starting Zach Pollock got the jump on the restart. Midway there was big wreck in turn three when Travis Oxandaburu spun setting off a chain reaction. Oxandaburu retired to the pits, James Stands and Brandon Hammill went off on the hook, with only Preston Blackwell and Curt Grace restarting.
Pollock continued to lead but Troy Murner caught him at the white flag and won over Serr, Pollock, Blackwell and Blayne Baloun. It was Troy’s fourth feature win at the track.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were next, with Michael Bogh leading the first 2 laps, before Lorin Johnson took over. On lap six third running Cole Searing spun in turn two and was hit by Shaun Cooper and Robert Harder. Harder retired to the pits, Cooper had to be pushed off, while Searing went to the work area and restarted at the rear.
David Carlson got the jump on Johnson on the restart and ran off with the win over Johnson, Adam Brotherton, Cory Berquist and James Reimer. It was David’s fourth win in the Mid Mods, but his first win at the track since 5/24/14.
The WISSOTA Modifieds had a flag to flag race with Dylan Zabel leading the first lap before giving it to Trevor Anderson, who lead seven laps before 8th starting Mike Stearns ran away with the win over Anderson, David McDonald, Alex Guthmiller and Jayson Good. It was his fourth Miller Central Speedway Modified win, breaking a tie with David McDonald for 4th on the win list.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks only had two cautions with Dale Tomes leading the first four laps before Cole Searing streaked by and won his 41st feature in the class over Kelly Duffy, Cody Martin, Tomes and Jeremy North. Duffy had to come from the rear after being tagged with the first caution.
The WISSOTA Late Models capped off the night with Dustin Arthur leading the first three laps before Chad Becker roared by and won his 15th feature, moving into 3rd place on the win list. Thomas Weisgram, Brian Diede, Arthur and Josh Skorczewski rounded out the top five.

WISSOTA Late Model
Main: 1. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 2. Thomas Weisgram, Aberdeen 3. Brian Diede, Huron 4. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 5. Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen 6. Curt Kranz, Watertown 7. Todd Fuerstenau, Watertown DNF: Justin Karlen, Howard; Rich Thomas, Aberdeen
Heat: Diede, Arthur, Skorczewski, Becker, Kranz, Weisgram, Fuerstenau, Karlen, Thomas

WISSOTA Modified
Main: 1. Mike Stearns, Hecla 2. Trevor Anderson, Watertown 3. David McDonald, Huron 4. Alex Guthmiller, Huron 5. Jayson Good, Watertown 6. Dylan Zabel, Selby 7. Dale Ames, Huron 8. Arne Anderson, Watertown
Heat: Good, Ames, Zabel, T. Anderson, McDonald, Guthmiller, A. Anderson, Stearns

WISSOTA Super Stock
Main: 1. Cole Searing, Huron 2. Kelly Duffy, Winner 3. Cody Martin, Mitchell 4. Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids 5. Jeremy North, Huron 6. Caleb Yost, Miller 7. Kipp DeGroot, Platte 8. Robin Schmitt, Redfield 9. Austin Arbogast, Huron 10. Robert Schmitt, Redfield DNF: Casey Hanson, Badger
Heat 1: North, Duffy, DeGroot, Tomes, Arbogast, Robin Schmitt
Heat 2: Searing, Yost, Hanson, Martin, Robert Schmitt

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Main: 1. David Carlson, Huron 2. Lorin Johnson, Miller 3. Adam Brotherton, Huron 4. Cory Berquist, Huron 5. James Reimer, Wessington Springs 6. Michael Bogh, Huron 7. Dawson Zabel, Selby 8. Jeff Rawstern, Blunt 9. Brandon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre DNF: Cole Searing, Huron; Blake Meyer, Huron; Jordan Kienow, Miller; Shaun Cooper, Pierre; Robert Harder, Huron; Jayme Peterson, Highmore; Tanner Grohs, Wessington Springs; Brad Kopecky, Miller
Heat 1: Carlson, Brotherton, Berquist, Grohs, Rawstern, Harder
Heat 2: Kopecky, Johnson, Reimer, Kienow, Zabel, Cooper
Heat 3: Searing, Peterson, Bogh, Meyer, Hoftiezer

WISSOTA Street Stock
Main: 1. Troy Murner, Rapid City 2. Chris Serr, Aberdeen 3. Zach Pollock, Miller 4. Preston Blackwell, Wessington 5. Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence 6. Luke Johnson, Miller 7. Andy Rossow, Florence 8. Jordan Kott, Platte 9. Spence Pollock, Orient 10. Curt Grace, Miller DNF: Travis Oxandaburu, Huron; Nicholas Green, Watertown; Brandon Hammill, Miller; James Stands III, Rapid City; Jared Puhlman, Piedmont; Jayden Bogh, Huron
Heat 1: Serr, Rossow, Murner, Z. Pollock, Green, Kott, Baloun, Grace
Heat 2: Oxandaburu, Puhlman, Blackwell, Johnson, S. Pollock, Bogh, Hammill, Stands

Pump N Pak Pure Stock
Main: 1. Jordan Rawstern, Blunt 2. Mike Hammill, Miller 3. Trevor Ryan, Highmore 4. Curtis Johnson, Miller 5. Destrie Morris, Miller 6. Russell Hoffer, Winner 7. Cody Songer, Wolsey
Heat: Hammill, Johnson, Rawstern, Hoffer, Morris, Songer, Ryan


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