Carr completes lower limb tendinopathy course

HURON — Dr. Wayne H. Carr recently completed a Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy course.
The course was designed with the goal of making clinicians better at treating tendons with not only the latest and best research, but a complete model for assessing and managing lower limb tendinopathy.  
The in-depth program involved understanding tendons and tendinopathy, and the assessment and management of tendinopathy, along with review of specific conditions.  
Those conditions included gluteal tendinopathy (hip bursitis), proximal hamstring tendinopathy, patellar tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy, posterior tibialis tendinopathy and plantar Fasciosis.  
Carr learned about research and evaluation of tendons and tendinopathy and the best treatments for tendinopathy.
“The foundation for any treatment program is education, the patient must understand their condition, what they can do to stop aggravating the condition and what they can do to heal it,” Carr said.  
The course was made up of nine modules taught by Peter Malliaris, a physical therapist whose passion and expertise is managing patients with long term tendon pain.  
He works at Complete Sports Care, where they have developed highly effective management pathways for tendinopathy to ensure patients return to their best as quickly as possible, regardless of whether they want to be able to run marathons or simply play with their grandchildren.
Aside from clinical work, Malliaris also works as an Associate Professor at Monash University, where he leads various tendinopathy research projects and supervises PhD and MSc students.
He regularly presents at conferences and seminars, teaching other clinicians about tendinopathy management.
“I love teaching and the opportunity it provides to significantly shift clinicians’ thinking and management of tendinopathy patients,” Malliaris said.
With the education, Carr is able to diagnose and manage tendinopathy conditions with techniques that have been proven to be effective in thousands of patients — from elite athletes to youth athletes and also the non-athletic population.  
Already Carr said he has seen a positive response with his patients.
“Having the ability to properly diagnose and manage our tendinopathy patients has made a huge difference in their response,” Carr said. “We have been able to help those who believe they have ‘tried everything’ and it is a great joy to be able to help these people.
“Tendinopathy can have a profound impact on performance and daily living,” Carr added. “Getting to the root cause and resolving the pain is our goal, and with the additional training we are confident we can help most individuals who want a permanent resolution to their complaint.”

Dr. Wayne Carr of Carr Chiropractic Clinic in Huron, evaluates a patient with an Achilles tendinopathy. Carr recently took part in specialized training for lower limb tendinopathy.

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