Celebrate education with Huron district

HURON — American Education Week is here, and the Huron School District is excited to celebrate.
“This is American Education Week, and there are several things going on this week to commemorate that,” explained Superintendent Terry Nebelsick. “The board and administrators participated in putting together fruit trays to extend our appreciation for what everyone does in making education possible for our students.”
As part of American Education Week, the Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee serves as the planner and host for the Community State of Schools Luncheon to be held at noon Thursday at the Huron Event Center.
Kiwanis members will be present as hosts, while Leadership Huron and community members will also be attending. Student School Board Representatives Jasmine Snow and Frank Hines will be giving the Public School Presentation,
“It’s a collage of 10 different paragraphs that were put together by administrators and principals of the schools, which I think the community is really going to enjoy,” Nebelsick said.  
There were many to congratulate at Monday evening’s School Board meeting, as a light agenda was worked through.
“I’ll start with wishing the girls the best of luck in the State Volleyball Tournament,” said Nebelsick. “It was just annouced today — congratulations to Jayda Shillingstad and Havyn Heinz who were named at the All ESD volleyball team.”
Aye Klue and Ni Doh Moo were honored for Outstanding Academic Performance by the S.D. High School Soccer Coaches Association, Quincee Goeller and Kassie Decker were congratulated for receiving the 2017 All State Cheerleading Award, and the 2017 All State Dance Award went to Jamee Kattner and Sarah Christenson.
The Huron School District Food Service Department maintained its standard of excellence and were commended for receiving 100 percent scores on Health Inspections.
Outstanding fall concerts, honor band students and the indoor marching band exhibition were also mentioned in the congratulatory portion of the meeting.
“A sincere thank you to everyone who put on a program for Veterans Day in the various schools,” Nebelsick said.
Those involved in the success of the kindergarten through fifth grade parent teacher conferences were also thanked.
“The Veterans enjoyed the programs they attended,” said Nebelsick. “The schools did a really nice job in honoring those who have given so much in order for us to have the freedoms in the safe country we live in.”
The board also approved 22 new hires and three grant applications, all by Tammy Barnes of Huron Middle School.

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