Christmas at Christian Learning Center

Christian Learning Center Preschool 3-year-olds presented a Christmas program for families and friends. Members of the afternoon class are, front row, from left, Zaylee Young, Toby Scarborough and Nathaniel Ortiz Morales; second row, Leo Brock, August Ziegeldorf, Emmanuel Bennett, Isabella Butler, Rook Ward and Jett Bales; and in back, Jayden Castor, Emily Bennett, Annalaya Brown, Kionna Titus and Ariana Kasa. Not pictured is Riott Thomas.

In the next photo, members of the 3’s morning class are, front row, from left, Audi Korkow, Brazen Neuharth, Sully Fox and Emeri Stewart; second row, Brody Rostyne, Preslee Grovenburg, Jameson Wilk, Harley Gilbert and Skylar Halperin; and in back, Dayson Burton, Oakley Koester, Hudson Boomsma, Shelbee Jacobs, Shaynee Larson, Aurora Hall and Summer Van Zee. Teachers are Joyce Borah and Brenda Friedrichsen, and office assistant is Fern Marie Mattke.

And next, CLC Preschool 3’s morning class shared Christmas songs and finger plays with the Dialysis Unit at HRMC. Front row, from left, are Preslee Grovenburg, Shelbee Jacobs, Oakley Koester, Brody Rostyne, Audi Korkow, Braxen Neuharth, Emeri Steward and Jameson Wilk; and in back, Harley Gilbert, Dayson Burton, Sully Fox, Shaynee Larson, Hudson Boomsma, Skylar Halperin, Summer Van Zee and Aurora Hall.



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