City approves appointments

HURON — Mayor Paul Aylward’s recommendations for the appointment and reappointment of individuals to 17 local boards and committees were approved Monday by the City Commission.
There is one vacancy each on two boards.
Commissioners also approved Aylward’s recommendation to abolish the electrical board.
Appointments and reappointments are:
• Airport Board – Reappointment of Warren Lotsberg, Bill Anderson and Preston Steele.
• Alternate Board of Adjustment – Reappointment of Gary Harrington.
• Business Improvement District – Appointment of Spencer White and Mike Jones, and reappointment of Danny Hofer, Mary Pearson, Aylward, Steve Oetken and Inez Muilenberg.
• Civil Service Board – Reappointment of Mona Jensen-Olson.
• Community Improvement Committee – Reappointment of Rachel Farrell and Megan Scheidegger.
• Employee Safety Committee – Reappointment of Larry Cooper and Todd Larsen, and appointment of Jeremy Jungemann.
• Golf Advisory Board – Reappointment of Tim Sletten and Lisa Boomsma.
• Green Energy Task Force – Appointment of Cindy Lowery, and reappointment of Ralph Borkowski, Gina Harmdierks, John Sydow, Rick Picek and Laurie Shelton. There is one vacancy.
• Historic Preservation Board – Reappointment of Rey Colon. There is one vacancy.
• Housing & Redevelopment Board – Reappointment of Kim Smith.
• Huron Community Campus Board – Reappointment of Kim Rieger, Marilyn Hoyt and Andrea DelGrosso.
• Huron Get Fit Committee – Reappointment of Shanna Sterrett and Kileey Griebel.
• Lake and Riverfront Development Committee – Reappointment of Darrell Raschke and Cara Osier.
• Library Board – Appointment of Barbara Blaedorn.
• Parks and Recreation Board – Reappointment of Debbie Holmes.
• Planning Commission – Reappointment of Clair Buesing, and appointment of Jonathan Wachter.
• Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Project Review Committee – Reappointment of Aylward, Bryan Smith, Rick Benson, Tom Hansen, Garrett Bischoff, Tim Van Berkum, Jim Borszich and Gary Harrington, alternate member.
During the public forum portion of the meeting, Bob Jones, an opponent of the rezoning of property in the Southtown Addition for the WheatGrass apartment and town house project, said he apologizes if he has been misleading in his remarks in letters to the editor.
He responded to Commissioner Bryan Smith’s comments a week ago that it has been frustrating that Jones has been smearing the rezoning matter with other issues.
Jones said he has just been trying to get information out to the public on the actions of the commission. Many people don’t watch the commission meetings on TV or pay much attention to board action, he said.
He also said commissioners asked limited questions when the rezoning and tax increment financing proposals were on the February agendas.
Meanwhile, commissioners also approved special event on-sale alcoholic beverage licenses filed by the South Dakota State Fair for wedding receptions on June 17 in the Women’s Building, on July 22 in the Expo Building, on July 29 in the Nordby Exhibit Hall and on Aug. 5 in the Women’s Building, as well as for the grandstand area in designated party zone and VIP areas during the State Fair.
Commissioners approved an alcoholic beverage consumption in public request from Celia Hunt for a wedding reception on Sept. 23 at the Campus Center.
They also:
• Proclaimed May as Mental Health Awareness Month, today as Alice Zell Day, May 12-13 as Poppy Days and May 19-20 as Buddy Poppy Days in Huron.
• Approved a parade permit for the James Valley Road Race on June 10.
• Set May 22 as the public hearing date to transfer a 2016-2017 retail on-off sale malt beverage license from Zheng’s Inc, Panda Garden, to Yang Inc., Panda Garden, and for the 2017-2018 malt beverage and South Dakota farm wine license applications.