City chooses temporary medical marijuana ordinance

HURON — With many things around the medical marijuana law still unsettled through the Department of Health (DOH), the Huron City Commission discussed in a work session Monday evening how best to approach a potential municipal marijuana ordinance.

City attorney Tucker Volesky presented the commission with ordinances from Vermillion and Yankton that are based on zoning or licensing. He then presented the option from the South Dakota Municipal League of a template for a temporary ordinance restricting marijuana sales and possession until such time as clear definitions are given by DOH.

Huron Police Chief Kevin Van Diepen reminded the commission that while the medical marijuana law will technically go into effect on July 1, without a card issued by DOH, it will still be illegal to possess marijuana as of that date. Without the official cards being issued, the commission instructed Volesky to draw up a temporary ordinance that will receive first reading at next Monday evening’s meeting.

Assistant city engineer Dennis Bennett presented the commission with a change order and payment request for Gridor Construction Inc. The change order was for a reduction of $7,029 in overall cost due to a number of factors, as explained by Bennett. The progress payment, the third to Gridor, was for $873,503.10. This was approved.

Bennett also presented a payment request for Top Grade Concrete LLC for concrete work done as part of the curb and gutter replacement project on South Terrace Drive for $41,037.30. This was approved.

The commission approved the engineering and street departments to apply for a VW Rebate Program grant for a truck for the Street Department. The city was awarded one truck through this program previously, and the program provides 50% repayment to the city for purchase of a new truck. This was approved.

Commissioners approved a quit claim deed to Greater Huron Development Corporation for 2315 Frank Avenue Southeast for sale to a private party.

Commissioners also:
• Approved a parade permit for the Huron Area Antique Power Association for June 18.
• Approved a special event on-sale alcoholic beverage license for Hursts Corner for a wedding reception on June 26 at the Campus Center.
• Approved the hire of Jaren Sammon for a seasonal baseball position.
• Approved the termination of Carson Evans, Shaylyn Klunder, and Makayla McHugh from Parks & Rec summer positions.
• Approved the hire of Kenya Bigelow for golf maintenance.
• Approved the hire of Linda Gibson, Jan Overbo, Rick Dufek, and Gene Miller for Memorial Golf pro shop.
• Approved the change of the rate posting for firefighter position to $18 per hour based on a 2,756 hour work year.
• Approved wage correction for Richard Hohenthaner to $12/hr.
• Approved the hire of Collette DeShazer for account clerk position.
• Approved the hire of Dwayne Bennett for Traffic Maintenance I position.
• Approved wage correction for Caleb Pichura to $10/hr.
• Approved opening and advertising for a Lieutenant Firefighter position.
• Approved onboarding of Katie Schoenfelder for the PLA Inclusive Internship Initiative Program with Huron Public Library.



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