City clarifies firearm ordinance

HURON — City commissioners have approved first reading of an ordinance clarifying where firearms can and can’t be discharged in the area east of Custer Avenue and south of the railroad right of way near the city lagoons in Custer Township.
Earlier this year, there was considerable discussion of some of the language in the current ordinance because it was seen as confusing. Commissioners met with nearby landowners as new ordinance language was considered.
The revised section reads that “there shall be no discharge of a shot shell shotgun or shooting arrows from a bow outside of city limits that is within 660 feet of a building within city limits, no discharge of a slug shotgun or muzzleloader outside of city limits that is within one-quarter mile of a building within city limits and no discharge of a rifle outside of city limits that is within one mile of a building within city limits.”
Specifically, it pertains to Sections 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 in Custer Township on the east side of Huron. Parts of those sections are in city limits.
Shooting shot shells is allowed in those areas as long as it’s not within 660 feet of an occupied building.
City Planner Ralph Borkowski said, hopefully, the revised language provides a more clear understanding of what was intended when the ordinance was first approved nine years ago.
Commissioners also:
• Announced that the free access drop-off area for yard waste, tree branches and leaves will close for the season on Friday, Dec. 14. If Huron receives a significant amount of snow before then, the area will be closed at that time.
• Approved a request for alcoholic beverage consumption in a public area from Nancy Kempf for a Christmas party on Dec. 24 at the Campus Center.
• Set Dec. 17 as the public hearing date to consider a special event on-sale alcoholic beverage license filed by the James Valley Shrine Club for the annual indoor fishing event Jan. 19 at the Campus Center.
• Authorized the mayor to renew the joint cooperative agreement for 2019 with Northeast Council of Governments. The city will pay $3,222 for assistance it will get from NECOG during the year.
• Authorized the mayor to renew the golf professional’s contract with Jim Bigelow for 2019.
• Approved the regular status of Bruce Hartley in the water-sewer treatment department after completion of a probationary period.
• Approved a $70,192 bid from Iverson Ford of Huron for two new Ford utility police Interceptors off a state bid.
• Approved a final payment request of $63,460 to ASTECH of St. Cloud, Minn., for asphalt concrete crack sealing work.
• Approved a net deduction of $55,393 and a final payment of $47,932 to Asphalt Paving & Materials Co., of Huron for street milling and paving work.
• Approved a 2018-2019 retail on-off sale malt beverage and South Dakota farm wine license for Picante Restaurant, 107 Lincoln Ave. S.W. The license will be held subject to an inspection after remodeling has been completed.
• Renewed a lease agreement with the Karen Association for office space in the Fine Arts Center for $260 per month.
• Approved a service agreement with IWorQ of Logan, Utah, for building permit, code enforcement and rental inspection software for $12,500.
• Adopted a resolution setting the rates and fees for city services in 2019, mostly reflecting cost-of-living increases.

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