City gives final reading to technology ordinance

HURON — New language to be included in the city’s building regulations chapter of its municipal code will regulate new small cell wireless communication facilities being installed in Huron in the coming months.
Second and final reading of an ordinance pertaining to the technology was approved by the City Commission on Monday.
The facilities include equipment such as antennas, power sources and computer software placed on new and existing utility and light poles, as well as buildings in some cases.
Technology includes 5G that companies are continuing to roll out with the new year.
The units cover a much smaller area, about 2,000 feet, and so many more are needed to provide coverage. But they are also designed to enhance the cell phone signal to areas with higher traffic.
The ordinance will restrict size and other factors in order to avoid placement of unsightly facilities.
Companies such as AT&T and Verizon, which have been working out the language with city attorneys, will pay for building permits and annual fees. No tax dollars are involved.
It is not yet known the number or scope of the units to be installed in the city.
Commissioners also:
• Authorized the mayor to sign the 2019 combined election agreement with the Huron School District.
• Accepted the voluntary resignation of Isaac Dahl, police officer.
• Approved the regular status of DenJer Davis, police officer, on completion of his probationary period.
• Set Jan. 28 as the bid-opening date for asphalt concrete crack sealing and water treatment chemicals.
• Approved a final payment request of $244,659 to Kyburz Carlson Construction of Aberdeen for the new public works and cold storage buildings in the West Industrial Park.
The water-sewer, streets, solid waste and traffic departments are nearly finished moving equipment into the new facilities, and are continuing to get organized.


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