City opts to close Splash Central for the summer

PHOTOS BY ROXY STIENBLOCK/PLAINSMAN Splash Central, at the top, and park equipment.

Water restrictions enacted

HURON — The Huron city commissioners heard recommendations Monday evening from the city’s Parks and Recreation board. The list of recommendations inspired significant discussion among the commission members, as the status of COVID-19 in the community has changed significantly since the recommendations were first made by the board last month.

One of those recommendations led to the decision to close Splash Central, the city’s water park for the remainder of the summer.

The rest of the recommendations from the Parks and Rec board included not having youth activities or day camp this summer, opening all playgrounds, bathrooms, and park shelters with social distancing restrictions, allowing adult softball while opening the softball and baseball facilities, keeping the Campus Center closed to regular church services, and opening the waterfront and beach area of Ravine Lake.

The commission voted down opening playgrounds, bathrooms, and park shelters at this time due to the current state of COVID-19 in the city. All other recommendations were approved.

If you have purchased a season pass, refunds will be issued. Refunds will be automatically placed on your account after July 1. If you would rather have your refund by check, please call the Parks and Rec office at 353-8533 or email [email protected] with account name and address.

Commissioner Doug Kludt read the water restrictions put forth, beginning June 1 and in place through September 30. The restrictions read as follows:

“Residents with odd-numbered addresses may water on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Those with even numbers may water on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No watering is allowed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hand watering is permitted on any day. Other waivers or conditions may be issued by the City Engineer at the request of a city resident.”

These are the same watering restrictions that were enacted in 2018 and renewed annually since then.

Commissioners began the meeting convened as the board of adjustment to review a variance request from Kim Tschetter to build a helipad, storage shop with apartment, and a group of rental storage units. Commissioners were presented with a signed petition from 44 nearby residents to the property in opposition to the variance. Based on the strong negative disagreement from the local residents near the variance, commissioners voted 3-2 to reject the variance.

Commissioners also:
• Accepted the resignation of Lisa Boomsma from the Golf Advisory Board
• Authorized the mayor to sign the Irrigation Contract renewal with Huron Country Club for 2020
• Approved hiring Alex Gigov for technology/assistant library director position
• Approved promotion of Bob Simpson to street superintendent
• Approved advertisement of street foreman position
• Approved second payment to Asphalt Paving and Materials Co. for Street Milling and Overlay in the amount of $856,769.36
• Approved third payment to Midland Contracting, Inc. in the amount of $19,278 for a concrete approach
• Awarded bituminous road oil bid to Flint Hills Resources, LP of Marshall, Minn., at $522.21 per ton for an estimated total of $95,096.82
• Awarded propane fuel supply for October 15, 2020 through April 15, 2021 to CHS Farmers Alliance of Huron for $0.94 per gallon. Estimated total cost of $28,200
• Approved the transfer of the 2019-2020 on-off sale malt beverage and South Dakota farm wine license from La Patrona, Carmela Castaneda and Marta Elieth Enriquez, to La Patrona, Marta Elieth Enriquez and approved license renewal for 2020-2021.

The commission held a first public reading on changes to the personnel regulations ordinance and changed the active date to allow it to apply when it was presented to commissioners in early May, before a city staff member passed away and would have changes to the ordinance apply via death benefit. This first reading was approved and second reading was set for June 8.

Banner Engineering presented a water/sewer rate study to the commission in a work session. Commissioners were presented with multiple options going forward that could be done with pricing for rates with the significant water/sewer projects that are being done in the city currently to improve services. The commission approved the study and thanked Banner for the thorough and well-presented study.

The meeting was the final of Mayor Paul Aylward’s tenure as mayor. Commissioner Gary Harrington, the incoming mayor, thanked Aylward for being a “calming presence during this present situation.” Harrington and the newly-elected commissioner that will take his position on the commission will be sworn in at the meeting on June 8 at 5:30 at City Hall. Huron residents can watch the meeting on the city’s YouTube page live and ask questions of the commissioners in the live chat option or watch the meeting at any time on the YouTube channel.


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