Commission agrees to apply for agri-business grant

HURON – A resolution in support of an application for about $426,000 in Agri-Business Grant Program funds for a reconstruction and improvement project on sections of 383rd Avenue and 203nd Street west of Wolsey has been adopted by Beadle County commissioners.
The action was taken Tuesday and the application is due at the state Department of Transportation by next week.
Last month, commissioners approved a request from Wolsey Township supervisors to swap three-mile stretches of 382nd Avenue and 383rd Avenue, located about halfway between Wolsey and Wessington.
Each road runs just over three miles south of Highway 14.
The township is now responsible for maintenance of 382nd Avenue and the county is maintaining 383rd Avenue. The sections involved run between 202nd Street in Section 6 to 205th Street in Section 18.
Township supervisors had asked to trade roads because the one they had been responsible for gets much more traffic, particularly milk trucks to and from the Lazy J Dairy.
If the application is approved, commissioners will use the grant funds to make improvements to 383rd Avenue from Highway 14 south to 205th Street and to 203rd Street from 383rd Avenue to 382nd Avenue, about four miles total.
The project description calls for pulling the shoulders, a 12-inch reclamation with 6 percent cement stabilization and gravel on the roads that serve as the primary access routes to the dairy west of Wolsey.
In the application, it is noted that the Lazy J completed an expansion project this year involving more than $3 million in capital investment, creating five new full-time jobs.
The total project cost is estimated at $533,692, with the DOT paying 80 percent, or $426,953, and the county paying a 20 percent match of $106,738.
In its resolution, the county is committing to the continued maintenance of the project, and acknowledges that it is responsible for securing any right-of-way or easements for construction.
The state DOT has developed the grant program to foster economic development and enhance community access in three categories, including Agri-Business, Industrial Park and Community Access.
Industrial Park grants are for local units of government for the development of new or expanded access for a new industry located within industrial parks.
Agri-Business grants are for local units of government for the development of new or expanded agri-business industries, and Community Access grants are for towns less than 5,000 in population for the construction or reconstruction of major streets such as Main Street or roads to the elevator, school or hospital.


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