Commission sets date for land sale

HURON – Bargain basement values have been set on three properties in Huron and Bonilla taken by Beadle County for nonpayment of taxes.
The land sale is set for June 13.
County commissioners on Tuesday set low prices so the properties sell, but also knowing there is considerable interest in the two Huron houses so competition between bidders will likely increase the sale prices at the auction.
Commissioners set a $100 value for the house at 531 Beach Ave. S.E. and a $25 value for the mobile home at 2508 Wisconsin Ave. S.W.
A $25 value was also set for the vacant lot in Bonilla.
Earlier, the commission had declared the properties to be surplus.
In other business, the board appointed Gary Boomsma and Dave Uttecht as alternates to the county board of adjustment.
An alternate will be asked to serve in the event at least one of the county commissioners is unable – either because of absence or conflict of interest – to consider a variance application.
It takes four votes to pass a variance.
The City Commission has similarly appointed people to an alternate city board of adjustment it established.
County commissioners met with Sheriff Doug Solem on ongoing discussions of a new computer software system for the Regional Correction Center.
They also met with Highway Superintendent Merl Hanson. A May 24 bid-opening date has been set for bridge work, with which the county is moving forward after receiving nearly $400,000 in Bridge Improvement Grant (BIG) funding.
The South Dakota Transportation Commission announced the 53 grants, totaling about $9 million last month.
Beadle County has been awarded $358,600 for bridge replacement/rehabilitation projects and $26,800 for preliminary engineering work.

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