County approves date for public access to courthouse

HURON — Among a busy agenda, Beadle County commissioners addressed allowing public access to the courthouse again in their meeting Thursday morning.

After consulting with several department heads within the building, the commissioners made a decision to proceed with public access beginning Aug. 10.

The building will remain locked at both doors, and all details have not yet been worked out, but public will have staff-assisted access to the building,  beginning Aug. 10, by unanimous vote of the commission.

The commission opened their meeting with Merl Hanson to discuss county highways and roads. Hanson reported that a bridge removal grant had been awarded for a bridge in Carlyle Township.

Hanson also submitted two resolutions for preliminary engineering grant applications for bridges in the county. The commission approved both resolutions to apply for the grants for future bridge repair.

Commissioners reviewed a purchase plan by Sheriff Doug Solem for new handguns for the sheriff department. He reported that he intended to switch from .40 caliber to 9mm handguns, which will mean disposing of the current handguns and ammunition once the new handguns are purchased.

Taylor Jans met with commissioners to discuss his impending deployment with the National Guard and the implications for his position.

Tom Moeding will be assuming the duties of emergency management supervisor in Jans’ absence until his return from deployment.

The commission spent significant time in discussion regarding a provisional budget, which was due to be approved by today.

Reviewing the proposed budget prepared by county auditor Jill Hanson, the commission voted unanimously to approve the provisional budget, although the complete budget is not completed yet.

This budget will be published in full at a later date along with a public hearing on the budget, which will happen in September before the final budget is approved by the commission.


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