County upgrades, adds to AEDs

HURON – Beadle County commissioners decided Thursday to replace two Automated External Defibrillators located in the courthouse and correction center and add a second AED in the courthouse.
Action came after they met for about an hour with Brittney Weber from A&B Business Solutions in Mitchell.
For much of that time, Weber provided commissioners with an overview of how the AED units work. She demonstrated how to use them in the event of an emergency.
AED’s are used primarily when someone is undergoing sudden cardiac arrest. Weber said an individual dies every two minutes in the country from cardiac arrest. The battery-operated units administer an electric shock, while chest pads monitor heart rhythm and indicate if such a shock is needed.
The county has an AED on the first floor of the courthouse and one in the control room at the Regional Correction Center next door. There is also a unit at the county highway shop. That one does not need to be replaced at this time as it is not quite two years old.
Commissioners decided to purchase another AED for the third floor of the courthouse due to the frequent high number of people attending court sessions.
AED’s cost about $1,400 each. The county will receive $400 trade-in rebates for the two units it is replacing. Commissioners said they may also consider adding another unit at the jail, and will also look into the possibility of grant funds to make the purchases.
The units last at least five to seven years.
Weber will return to Huron during the first two weeks in December to conduct three or four trainings for county employees who will attend in shifts.
AEDs are designed to be mounted on the wall in high visibility, high pedestrian traffic areas such as in public buildings, businesses, and social and athletic events where they are easily accessible to employees and the public.
Meanwhile, in other business, commissioners convened for a brief time as the board of adjustment to consider and then approve a variance request from Chad Chenoweth, 4587 Illinois Ave. S.W.
Chenoweth wants to plat a 0.40-acre parcel of land where code requires a five-acre minimum lot size and a minimum lot width of 300 feet in the large lot residential district in the joint jurisdictional area.
He has an easement for the driveway to his house. Due to a pending sale of adjacent property that includes his driveway, he asked the owner to be able to purchase some of the land so he would own the driveway.
The easement is 16 feet wide and Chenoweth is buying a 60-foot-wide strip to make snow removal easier and for better drainage to the ditch.
City commissioners approved his variance request earlier this month.
In other business, commissioners renewed their contract with the state Department of Health for the community health nurses. They also accepted the resignation of Deputy State’s Attorney Dan Nelson, who was elected Brookings County state’s attorney in the November election.

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