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HURON — The Huron Public Library hosts many programs for children of all ages, teenagers and adults to become involved in. The Summer Reading Program, themed “Build a Better World,” has been a popular program and is coming to a close this evening, the prize winners will be announced Thursday morning. As part of the Summer Reading Program, the children’s area of the Library had the opportunity to experience what it is like to communicate through writing letters with the Pen Pal Exchange. Children at libraries across America have been in touch with each other.
Around eight letters a week would arrive from places such as Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and even Mickey and Minnie mouse sent one all the way from Disney World, Florida.
“It is an opportunity for the kids to learn about other states, practice letter writing and, in return, read letters that come back,” Glenda Maxted, the Children’s Librarian at the Huron Public Library, said.
“They’ve taken it upon themselves to come into the Library and write letters,” said Shirley Apley, library director, “that’s the fun part, they enjoy it so much they do it without being told.”
The library also offers arts and crafts, games, movie nights, and much more for everyone.


Letters from libraries across America in the Pen Pal Exchange are displayed along with a pin pointed map and information about the states that send letters back.
In the next photo, Tatum Peterson (right), age 11, splashes paint drops to add a creative look to her project, and Makenzie Siemonsma, also age 11, makes good use of the resources available at the library to paint turtle shaped money boxes.

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