Dakota Signature Meats: We’ve got you covered

Michael Fast of Dakota Signature Meats presented a check for $1,469 to HRMC Mammography Technologists Ann Van Winkle and Donna Haigh, to be used for HRMC’s We’ve Got You Covered program. The money was raised through a raffle held earlier this month by Dakota Signature Meats.
HRMC’s We’ve Got You Covered Program which  promotes breast cancer awareness and provides  free mammograms for women over the age of 35 who do not have health coverage and have had not had a mammogram in two years.
Winners of the raffle were Pat Hoffman, a quarter of beef; Mark McDonald, 1/8 beef; and Nancy Johnson, 1/8 beef.
Numerous other meat package were won by Jason Leyendecker, Jason Meyer, Terry Garbe, Leo Jensen, Carl Haberstick and Doug Fosheim, Marcia Zwaniger, Terry Wallace, Amy Camin, Joe Snyder, Jim Haak, Jim Entwistle, and Shannon Freidel. Dakota Signature mug winners were Leonard Waldner, Scott Beehler and Brian Pederson.