Dr. William Carr joins Carr Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. William Carr has joined Carr Chiropractic Clinic in Huron and will work alongside Dr. Wayne Carr, Dr. Joe Carr and Dr. Josh Carr.

Carr graduated from Huron High School and then received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of South Dakota. He went on to continue schooling at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn. At Northwestern, Carr graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic with Sports Emphasis. Along with his degree in chiropractic, Carr has been certified by the Department of Transportation to provide alcohol and drug testing and is also in the process of being certified by the DOT to provide physical exams.

Before attending chiropractic school, Carr has been learning about chiropractic his entire life.
Coming from a long family line of chiropractors, he has been learning about chiropractic from his grandfather, father, uncles and cousins since the day he was born. As he aged, Carr’s interest in chiropractic began growing.

“I remember during lunch breaks at school I would go to my dad’s office to sit with him and look at X-rays, and ask questions such as when will this heal, what treatments will you do and why? This is when my passion for chiropractic really began to take off,” Carr states.

He began working alongside his father, uncle and cousin when he would come home from college for summer breaks and worked as a chiropractic tech in the office. He claims, “The knowledge I gained during those summers was priceless! This help-ed set me up for success once I entered chiropractic school.”

Carr’s main drivers for choosing the chiropractic field include its holistic approach to health and overall wellness, and a desire to help people.

“Many people know that chiropractic is a great option to help people who are in injured and in pain,” he said. “However, most people do not realize many of the other benefits when it comes to chiropractic. In my practice I want to help people reduce their pain and recover from their injuries, but also educate their overall health and wellness within the community.”

Even before Carr started chiropractic school he has had a passion for sports. “Along with chiropractic, sports have been my entire life. Constantly trying to get better, recover faster, and outperform others,” claims Carr.

That is why it was an easy decision for him to do the Sports Emphasis track once he entered school. The Sports Emphasis Chiropractic track at Northwestern added extra courses and hands-on treatment and learning opportunities with professional athletes to the chiropractic curriculum in which he learned the basics about sports injury management and prevention, sports nutrition, Injury rehab, proper sporting recovery, etc.

“This was a great opportunity for me to see how world class athletes were being treated with various types of injuries, such as concussions, sprains and strains and fractures,” Carr said. “I am excited to bring many of these skills that I learned back to the athletic community of Huron.”

The fundamentals he learned with the sports emphasis experience at Northwestern also helps him treat non-athletes.

“A professor once told me that we are all athletes of life,” Carr said. “I have found this quote to be extremely accurate because we are all doing some form of athletic movement every day. Not only did these courses and experiences help me treat world-class athletes, but they also give me the ideas and knowledge on how to treat everyday people who are athletes of life.”

Along with having experience in sports chiropractic, Carr has also trained in other therapies such as rehab, cold laser therapy, shockwave, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilizations, muscle release technique, compression band flossing, and digital X-ray reading.

For the past year, Carr has been interning at West End Chiropractic in St. Louis Park, Minn., as well as a preceptorship in chiropractic radiology with Dr. Jeffery Rich.

Carr has moved back to Huron with his fiancé Hana and Goldendoodle Leo. He is excited to be a part of the community and to enjoy all the activities this region has to offer.