First-graders enjoy pizza with the principal 11-5

Students at the Buchanan K-1 center were selected to enjoy pizza with the principal for the month of October. In the front row, from left are Aye Maw Moo, Mary Gutierrez-Matias, Jack Too, William Htoo, Saris Speeney, Keira Hansen, Alex Moo and Annabeth Weir, while in the second row are  Grace Win, Adamson Dah, Brynn Glanzer, Lowanna Lo, Ri Ba Ka, Neymar Sandoval Ramirez, Tucker Meyer, Paycen Easton and Has Eh Poe. Third row students are Wah Eh Paw, Diana Moo, Layne Hofer, Gauge Wills, Eh Taler Say, Reyna Hembree, Thu Zar Htoo, Eh Koe Loe Soe and Tyson Koester, while in the back row are Malachi Bauslaugh, Genesis Hendrickson, Angel Hernandez, Jaxon Tounsley, Diana Sanchez Avila, Neytiri Dulei, Cherish Real Bird and Mrs. Heinz.