Flowers letter 6-5-21

To the Editor:

After observing the Memorial Day services, I am somewhat confused as to why Republican U.S. Senators would not vote for the bill that would appoint a non-partisan commission to study the Jan. 6 insurrection and make sure that steps would be taken so that it couldn’t happen again.

Senator Thune voted ‘no’ on the bill and Senator Rounds never voted at all. I am sure that both senators attended services praising our veterans, yet they are opposing legislation that is designed to help our democratic system be viable.

Former President Trump has been saying that the election was stolen, yet more than 60 lawsuits were tossed out by mostly Republican-appointed judges and at least two or three by the Supreme Court, which has three Trump appointees.

It is an indication that his claims are false. It is easy to win in the court of public opinion, but, when you go to court you must produce facts, or you have no standing in your cases. This is what has happened to the Trump allegations, yet a large percentage of his followers don’t want to acknowledge the facts.

President Trump has been putting out reckless aspersions against election officials all over the nation, mostly run by Republican officials, that they are the reason he lost the election.

If Trump wants to place blame for losing the election, maybe he should look in the mirror.

Charlie Flowers



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