Former players help keep tradition going for Tigers

HURON — The Huron volleybally program has established a tradition of success over the years, and several former players are lending a hand to help keep that tradition going.
A handful of former players for the Tigers have served as instructors during the Volleyball Academy held throughout the summer at the Nordby Center for Recreation.
“These gals were good players and are very excellent at sharing the knowledge,” Huron volleyball coach Shelly Buddenhagen said. “These alumni are ‘keepers of the program’ and sincerely care about the younger, future players who will wear the Tiger uniform.”
Serving as instructors during the academy have been Tyann Buddenhagen, Kelly McCarty, Lexi Eckmann, Sarah Carr and Karissa Schroder, who were All-Eastern South Dakota Conference selections in volleyball during their careers for the Tigers.
Buddenhagen was selected as Miss Volleyball in Class AA in 2011 and was a frist team all-state players; Carr and Schroder were also first team all-state selections.
“Both Kelly and Lexi were the best setters in the state tournament their senior years,” Buddenhagen said. “All players were named to the all-tournament team at their respective state tournament appearances.”
The Nordby Center for Recreation Volleyball Academy carries a uniqueness which is seldom found with any of the other academies that are offered.
“Academies like ours are typically run by businesses with coaches who have no ties to the school program,” said Buddenhagen, who serves as the executive director at the Nordby Center for Recreation. “We are so lucky at the NCR to have these young ladies show the genuine care, commitment and dedication to the program, even though they have all graduated.
“Some things never change; they showed that same passion when they played,” she said of the group. “I love the fact that I get to spend more time with these kids, and I love the fact they are continuing to impact Huron Tiger Volleyball and are giving back to Huron.”
More than 100 local and area volleyball players participate in the academy.

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