Friday is ‘Clean Slate Day’

Event enables those who qualify with criminal records to wipe their slates clean

HURON — A “Clean Slate Day,” to help individuals with criminal arrest records to wipe their slates clean, is scheduled for Friday in Beadle County.
The event will be from 8:30 a.m. to noon at the courthouse.
Only certain types of arrests qualify for expungement. They include:
• It has been one year since the date you were arrested, but not charged.
• It has been one year since the date in which the prosecuting attorney dismissed the entire criminal case.
• You were acquitted of any criminal charges.
• In any case in which you were convicted of any charge, you are not eligible for expungement.
Expungement is the sealing of all records on file within any court, detention or correctional facility, law enforcement agency, criminal justice agency or the Department of Public Safety.
It does not imply the physical destruction of records. Sometimes a previous arrest can affect one’s ability to find a job or apartment.
The arrest will show up during a background check. Expungement will allow your arrest to be cleaned from your record, meaning it will no longer be visible to those conducting background checks.
There is a $70 fee to file the paperwork with the court. Some, based on their income level, may be eligible for a fee waiver.
Those coming to Clean Slate Day need to bring a form of valid identification.
A list of frequently asked questions is on the Beadle County State’s Attorney’s Facebook page.

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