Glay, Moo win No. 3 doubles title for Tigers at Madison Invitational

MADISON — Say Glay and Paw Kler Moo combined to win the No. 3 doubles title for Huron during the Madison Invitational, which concluded Saturday.

Huron’s No. 1 doubles team of AnneClaire Rubish and Lizzy Heinen went 2-1 at the event, while the No. 2 doubles team of Ann Hoek and Madeline Kleinsasser also went 2-1.

In singles competition on Friday, Kleinsasser finished second for the Tigers at No. 6. Heinen was third at No. 2, while Mood was fifth at No. 5.

Huron will travel to Brookings for a quadrangular at 9 a.m. Saturday.


Flight 1
Pool play: Annika Barnett, Vermillion, def. AnneClaire Rubish, Huron, 8-3; Katie Mondloch, Spearfish, def. Rubish, 8-4.
Ninth-place match: Rubish, H, def. Katherin Kretchman, Aberdeen Roncalli, 8-8 (7-2).

Flight 2
Pool play: Lizzy Heinen, Huron, bye; Heinen, H, def. Hallie Karmazin, Sioux Falls Christian, 8-4.
Round 1: Shriya Gangineni, St. Thomas More, def. Heinen, 8-3.
Third-place match: Heinen, H, def. Ava Iszler, Spearfish.

Flight 3
Pool play: Ann Hoek, Huron, def. Audrey Allen, Madison, 8-1; Hoek, H, bye.
Round 1: Anna Westenberg, Sioux Falls Christian, def. Hoek, H, 9-7.
Third-place match: Hoek, H, def. Raley Haskell, Aberdeen Roncalli, 8-0.

Flight 4
Pool play: Jade TenHaken, Sioux Falls Christian, def. Say Glay, Huron, 8-3; Glay, H, def. Maycee Wallenstein, Lennox, 8-0.
Round 1: Glay, H, def. Madison Scmahl, St. Thomas More, 8-3.
Fifth-place match: Glay, H, def. Anna Mitzel, Aberdeen Roncalli, 8-2

Flight 5
Pool play: Paw Kler Moo, H, def. Caitlyn Frerichs, Milbank, 8-2; Moo, H, def. Evie Auren, Vermillion, 8-1.
Round 1: Evi Bliers, Rapid City Christian, def. Moo, 8-3.
Third-place match: Evi Reinicke, St. Thomas More, def., Moo, H, 9-7.  

Flight 6
Pool play: Madeline Kleinsasser, Huron, def. Mackenzie Boyle, Sioux Falls Christian, 8-2; Kleinsasser, H, def. Emma Gotlobb, Spearfish, 8-3.
Round 1: Kleinsasser, H, def. Mia Barnett, Vermillion, 8-2.
Championship match: Addie Palmer, Rapid City Christian, def. Kleinsasser, H, 8-4.


Flight 1
Pool play: Hill/Palmer, RCC, def. Rubish/Heinen, H, 8-3; Maxwell/Maxwell, Madison, def. Rubish/Lizzy, Huron, 8-3
Consolation: Rubish/Heinen, H, def. Karels/Lamp, Milbank, 8-0.

Flight 2
Pool play: Hoek/Kleinsasser, H, def. Haskell/Rivett, AR, 8-8 (7-1); Geyer/Whitman, RCC, def. Hoek/Kleinsasser, H, 8-6
Consolation: Rowe/Gonyo, Madison, def. Hoek/Kleinsasser, H, 8-3

Flight 3
Opening round: Glay/Moo, H, def. Mitzel/Mitzel, AR, 8-0.
Semifinals: Glay/Moo, H, def. Boyle/Roark, SFC, 8-3.
Championship match: Glay/Moo, H, def. Biers/Palmer, RCC, 8-4.