Grandparents Day at James Valley Christian School

James Valley Christian School elementary students brought their grandparents to school for Grandparent Day on Friday. Children whose grandparents were unable to attend, were encouraged to bring a grand-friend. Grandparents enjoyed coffee and cookies, a school assembly, recess, and a morning in the classroom. At the assembly, elementary principal Paula Kleinsasser welcomed the group and several sixth grade students led some worship songs. June Pullman, who has three grandchildren at JVCS spoke, inspiring grandparents to be cheerleaders for their grandchildren and to pray for them. Next students and grandparents played “Would You Rather” and competed in relays involving flyswatters, balloons, paper plates and brooms.
Back in the classroom, teachers led in morning exercises like saying the pledge to the flag. Reading assignments, iPad activities, letter books, and special games filled the rest of the time.

In the first photo, June Pullman captivates children and grandparents with her animated retelling of a fish story that really happened. Next are Alexis Dowling, third grade, and her two grandmothers working together on a third-grade reading assignment. Next is Corbin Wipf, second grade, and his great-grandma visiting while doing schoolwork. Next, Cambria Gross, second grade, gets coloring advice from her grandpa. And next is sixth-grade student Sage Schweigert working on some challenging puzzles with his grandparents.



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