Grants awarded to local groups

The Huron Community Foundation Grants Awards were distributed to 18 organizations in the community, donations were made by the Huron Community Foundation (HCF), Wheeler Family, plus new this year is Emily and Robert Entwisle Family Trust and Matthesen Family, all provided funds to support local causes.
Huron Hockey Association received a $2,000 grant from Entwisle Family Trust to support the program.
“All of us at Huron Hockey are very pleased to receive this grant. The community has been so generous to our program and we plan to use the funds to help purchase jerseys for one of our teams next year,” said HHA President Dan Wehde. “We feel very fortunate to be the recipient; thank you to the Entwisle’s.”
People’s Transit was awarded a $2,000 donation from Entwisle Family Trust, plus a $3,000 grant from HCF, to assist in the purchase of a new light passenger bus.
“People’s Transit is proud and grateful to be the recipient of an Entwisle Family Trust grant plus a Huron Community Foundation grant. Transit’s aging fleet welcomes this new addition to continue to provide safe, efficient and affordable transportation to their riders in the Huron and surrounding areas,” said Gayle Kludt, Executive Director.
The Heartland Region Backpack Program serves supplemental food items to 522 school children in Huron, Wolsey-Wessington, Holy Trinity, Huron Head Start and Iroquois each week. The Wheeler Family donated a $1,200 grant to the Backpack Program in support of this work.
A $1,200 grant was awarded to the Huron Destination Imagination program by the Wheeler Family, which will support the continuation of students’ learning key life skills, using common core and STEM educational strategies, and travel for competitions.
“Destination Imagination is a creative problem solving program for students from kindergarten through college,” said HMS ESL Educator Colleen Jensen. “Our students have taken the community outreach challenge to DI Global finals four times and have made some great contributions to our community.”
Two grants were given to the Nordby Center for Recreation, $2,000 from Wheeler Family and $3,000 from HCF.
Shelly Buddenhagen said, “The Nordby Center will be allocating the grants toward its current remodel project, which entails a facelift to the locker rooms and lobby area.”
The Royal Family Kids Camp James River was awarded $1,187 from the Wheeler Family, which will go towards items to be purchased for summer camp for children in foster care.
“The funds will be used to purchase birthday bags for our “Everyone’s Birthday Party,” event, where each child will receive a duffel bag of gifts,” said Kathy Van Heukelom.
The Huron Community Foundation awarded the Beadle County Dive Team with a $5,000 grant for training  on use of a side scan sonar. Two members of the dive team will go to Massachusetts to be properly trained on the equipment, while the team will also purchase new underwater communications equipment. Funds will also contribute toward annual maintenance, repair kits and training for members to stay safe while working underwater.
Cornerstone Career Learning Center received $2,000 from HCF to allow them to update their current phone system.
Education Coordinator Becki Lemke said, “Cornerstone Career Learning Center is grateful to the HCF for providing us with funds to continue with adult education classes and employment training services seven days a week.”
Huron Chamber and Visitors Bureau, recipients of a $2,500 grant from HCF, to help fund a new wireless sound systems, LCD projector and screen, plus training and events.
Laurie Shelton said, “We are very thankful to HCF for providing us with funds and opportunities to us and our community.”
HCF awarded the Huron Regional Medical Center a $10,000 grant to provide local education for area residents to pursue a degree in nursing.
“The HRMC Foundation will be using the grant funds to help ensure the future health care local workforce,” said Executive Director Paul Rann.
The Karen Association of Huron was the recipients of $2,500 from HCF, to be used for 501 and office equipment.
HCF awarded the S.D. State Fair Foundation a $10,000 donation to purchase portable bleachers for use during the state fair and other off-season events.
“Thank you to the HCD for awarding the grant to purchase the bleachers,” said Peggy Besch. “The State Fair Foundation and State Fair are going to kick in the remaining funds to allow us to move forward.”
Washington 4-5 Center was awarded a $499 HCF grant to fund an online program called Mystery Science.
“Mystery Science provides ready-made science mysteries for elementary school students, which contain a central mystery, discussion questions, supplemental reading and hands-on activities,” said fourth-grade teacher Ann Blondheim.
The Matthesen Family provided a $10,000 grant to the Heartland Rodeo Association, to help fund extensions in the covered seating and meeting areas, in conjunction with the concession and office building.
“Thank you for selecting us as one of the recipients for this years grants. The Rodeo Grounds continues to bring youth, families and other organizations to the community,” said a spokesman for Heartland Rodeo Association.
Huron Community Campus received a Mattheson Family grant of $2,500, to support the continuation of providing higher education of individuals in the Huron area.
“On behalf of the HCC Board of Directors, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the recent grant we received,” said Executive Director Doug Pietz. “HCC upholds the values of academic advancement, life enrichment, community involvement and career enhancement through higher education. Without this support we would not be able to uphold our mission or values.”
An $8,000 grant was awarded to the Huron Park and Rec. Wobbegongs by the Matthesen Family, to purchase new canopies to help protect the swimmer, equipment and volunteers at swim meets.
Huron Post Prom received $1,000 from the Matthesen Family to fund inflatable games to be used at the annual all night party following prom.
The final grant awarded was a $5,000 donation to the Huron School District by the Matthesen Family, which will be used to purchase of the new Pixollett camera for the Huron Arena, in order to stream all games online for the coming school year.

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