Grohs letter - 10-11-21

To the Editor:

I am sitting and flipping through the pages of the paper and I see an article about Feeding South Dakota and how a school is trying to bring more awareness on it.

I stand behind this school as feeding the hungry is a great thing to do and is an action Jesus use to feed large amounts of people as well. This can be related to the miracle of Jesus and the 5,000 where he fed 5,000 people off of 5 loaves and 2 fish.

The people were hungry and they were looking towards Jesus for answers and he provided, just as this school did for the hungry people of South Dakota. The hungry people are looking at the organization for answers.

This is an act of kindness and it always helps to pay it forward. I am glad to see young people giving back to people in need and performing acts of kindness like this. I think it should help motivate the rest of us to give back if possible and it may make more impact on people than we may think.

Carter Grohs
Wessington Springs



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