Harrisburg records win against Huron girls

HARRISBURG — Harrisburg used a 51-37 win over Huron on Saturday to improved to 13-3.
Huron had a slow start, unable to get the ball in the net, while Harrisburg earned nine points, all from Aby Phipps early in the first period.
Gracie Schoenfelder netted the ball with 1:16 to go in the period to put Huron on the board, followed by another two points from Havyn Heinz, who led Huron with a game-high of 18 points.
Harrisburg’s Kiki Berndt fired in with a pair of buckets on the buzzer, which gave Harrisburg a 10-point lead at 14-4 going into the second quarter.
Autumn Steffen kicked off the second period with her first bucket of the game, followed by two points from Jeniah Ugofsky.
Then Heinz caught fire and broke the Harrisburg 7-0 run with five points at 2:30 left in the first half.
“The effort of the girls has been there,” said Huron coach Wade Stobbs. “We got a good look offensively in the second half, but Harrisburg’s height got to us.”
Harrisburg were in the lead 25-9 in the last minute before half time, but a steal by Heinz and a last minute bucket took the score to 25-11.
But a three-pointer on the buzzer by Phipps increased the lead back up to 17 for Harrisburg, at a 28-11 score to enter into the second half of the game.
Sydney Halling made an impressive three shots in a row from the three-point line early in the third, to which Heinz and Sami Shoultz answered with a pair of three-pointers for Huron.
Both Tiger teams struggled at the free-throw line, unable to make the shots in the first half despite the opportunities, until Harrisburg’s Faith Van Holland dropped one in with 33 seconds to go in the third quarter, while a Sadie Roth foul gave Schoenfelder the opportunity to make Huron’s first free-throw point a few seconds later.
“We did a nice job making them earn their shots in their zone, just didn’t do a very good shot at rebounding in the first half,” Stobbs added. “In the second half we were able to match up and go man to man with them.”
Huron made good defensive plays in the third, coming back from 21 down to Harrisburg, Huron caught momentum with an 11-3 run, which cut the lead down to 13 in the last moments of the quarter.
“That first quarter we came out and got some decent shots, but a lot of our threes were long,” said Stobbs. “The third quarter we came out and played really well.”
Halling led Harrisburg with 13 points and netted two free-throw points to begin the last period of play, while Ugofsky followed with two more, to which Schoenfelder answered with a two-point bucket for Huron.
Brecil Honner scored a three-point shot, while Mia Cherry came in for free-throw points to take Harrisburg’s lead up to 47-29 before the first time-out of the game was taken with two minutes left.
Huron’s Jayda Shillingstad tallied five points, all from free-throws, but Jaidyn McGee came in for her first two points of the game for Harrisburg, also from free throws.
Then a Huron lane violation gave McGee another free-throw point, but Heinz caught a three-point shot.
The Huron Tigers refused to go down without a fight, as Shillingstad took another two-points for Huron with 10 seconds left, which dropped Harrisburg’s lead to 14, with a 51-37 score on the buzzer.
“After we saw a couple baskets go through its amazing how much energy that gives the girls,” said Stobbs. “We battled, the girls played hard and did everything they could. They played well, especially in the second half, and we are going to take that with us to Watertown to try and get that win.”  
The Huron Tigers will be back in action on Thursday, when they travel to Watertown to tangle with the Arrows.

Huron            4  11  25  37
Harrisburg         14  28  38  51

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